120 micro Sv/h at Koriyama station.


FCT (Fukushima chuou TV), a local TV channel in Fukushima reported a hot spot in front of Koriyama station, JR line.

It’s one of the major stations in North Japan. Local train lines and Shinkansen (bullet trains) stops at there.

More than 16,000 people use the station everyday.

The radioactive contamination is in a shrubbery in front of the station.

The color of the trees were changed.

The TV station reported it was 80 micro Sv/h, but before they came, a station staff measured it.

It was 120 micro Sv/h. (The female reporter should have worn a mask at least.)

So far,there has been no official comment from the local government. They only said they will continue surveying,which means nothing.

FCT warns please don’t get close to the point.

However, there should be countless number of those hot spots in Japan.


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