8,000 Bq/Kg of radioactive sewage sludge incinerated ash is being dumped in Tokyo Bay

I loved Tokyo Bay.

It used to be polluted in 60s but recently it was clear.
It was beautiful to see, especially at night, yummy to eat, (fish), and marine sports were available.

Not anymore

On 6/28/2011, the Japanese government decided radioactive ash, which is lower than 8,000 Bq/Kg can be treated as normal garbage.

In Tama City, 3000 tons of radioactive ash was stocked but because the stocking facility has become full, they finally started dumping it into Tokyo Bay.

It is supposed to be “lower than 8,000 Bq/Kg“, but it does not mean it is safe.

Moreover, who could trust if it is really lower than 8,000 Bq/Kg?

They say, that they try not to let it fly in the air and it will not contaminate the environment, but it is already flying around in the video.

It will sink under the ground and contaminate water. Once it’s dumped, nobody can stop contamination.

Today, Nuclear Energy Council stated decommissioning of the reactors takes more than 30 years.

If it is true, they made 3,000 tons of radioactive ash in these 6 months.

There will be 180,000 tons of radioactive ash produced in Tama alone.

If they “made a mistake”, as always, and it was 1 in 10 as always, it means decommissioning of reactors would take 300 years,which seems more reasonable.

In that case, 1,800,000 tons of radioactive ash will be produced in total.

In the video above, it is totally insane that this female reporter does not wear a mask and goggles.

It might be not to cause a “public panic”, but this is a pure murder.

They will also use it for concrete.

  1. The translation function of the video into English works quite well.

    Note that the workers down below have protective clothing and respirators, head to toe, and the ash is spread around…. this means that the radioactive ash, which is profoundly massive in just several months, is free to leak into the groundwater. The earth and water is not static. The contamination will spread. There is nothing ‘safe’ or ‘contained’ about this.

    Tragedy on top of tragedy. A lot of work and resources to move the problem around, bury it, counting on short term memory… if we don’t see it, it doesn’t exist… cannot work when death rates climb and birth rates decline. It is a hard reality to face, but survival depends on facing reality.

  2. This is disgusting. And idiotic, too. No sane country dumps radioactive wastes the way they do in today’s Tokyo.
    But the popular Governor of Tokyo (Shintaro Ishihara; former novelist) is suffering from the pro-nuke ideology so much that he can not realize the hazardous nature of radioactive wastes. Probably he is in the state of denial (“genjitsu touhi”) since March.

    Once the dumping is allowed this way, the entire Tokyo Bay including the other side (Chiba prefecture) will be contaminated (soon or later). Although the southern Chiba area is a very warm and popular resort area today, it will lose tourists soon or later, too, and the tourist industry there will face a serious financial problem soon or later.
    Unfortunately, same financial problem will strike Tokyo itself soon as well, not only the countryside of Chiba prefecture. But the ideology-crazy Governor of Tokyo did not foresee it either.

    The city of Tokyo was built there basically because there was the large and rich Bay. Imagine Hong Kong and its bay. They don’t want to dump radioactive waste in the bay. It is vital for a large city to keep these bays healthy if the city wants to survive.
    Therefore, Ishihara’s local “government” of Tokyo Metropolis has now committed suicide.
    For the financial industry, I suspect this will mark the “end of Tokyo”. Who wants to live and work in a radioactive “financial street” of Tokyo? Now on, Hong Kong will be the only financial center of East Asia probably. The idiotic rulers of Tokyo and Japan made Tokyo an abandoned city now.

    Once upon a time, the Tokyo Bay (Edo Bay) provided the Tokyo people (Edo people) with lots of good, fresh and cheap fish. It was why the Japanese sushi (Edomae sushi) was created in Tokyo (Edo) during the Tokugawa shogunate. The Tokyo Bay doesn’t produce fresh fish today but, at least, the legacy of Edomae sushi remained until today. But, in the near future, the Edomae sushi will become a complete history.
    The ancient Edo city also boasted one million residents since the 17th century because it could host that large population thanks to the summer breeze from the Bay which gently cooled the burning hot city. Not to mention the rich fishery resource of the Bay.

    Unfortunately, the pathetic Tokyo Governor Ishihara (perhaps Ishihara is also demented now) does not know the history of Edo because he is from a small city (Kobe), not the large Tokyo itself. No wonder he allowed the disgusting dumping to start.
    Once the Bay is contaminated by the dumping of radioactive wastes, the bay breeze from the Tokyo Bay will get contaminated soon or later as well. The ancient Edo people enjoyed summer time because of the bay breeze and went out in the evening to watch fireworks during summer. Now, however, the Bay’s summer breeze will be killing the residents by slow burn (low level radiation). The idiotic Governor Ishihara let all these things happen.

    By letting these disgusting things happen, the Tokyo city itself and Ishihara destroyed the entire city, especially financially. Rich people (people who like rich life in many ways) do not want to live in a contaminated Tokyo. Therefore they will abandon Tokyo soon or later. Apparently, an investor from Hong Kong sold off his apartments in Tokyo recently. Contaminated city can never host a financial center. Therefore, financial industry (at least foreign financial industry) will abandon Tokyo soon or later.
    Thus, Tokyo will be the “Undesirable City Number One” in the near future. Healthy city attracts residents and businesses (including the financial business) so the old Tokyo attracted many businesses until this year. That is now a history, however, thanks to the demented administration by the Tokyo Governor Ishihara and his poor bureaucrats.

    People who own property in Tokyo (especially the real estates) should watch their back today before they lose a lot in the coming years. The huge damage to their property was done by the irresponsible Governor of Tokyo.
    At least, we learned a good lesson or two from his stupid administration over Tokyo. We learned that proper education is very important and you should not elect a low-life novelist like him to a public office. 🙂

    I have to suspect the Tokyo Disney Land will not survive the contamination of Tokyo Bay either. Unfortunately, the Tokyo Disney Land invested a lot in recent years and built new attractions and some new luxurious hotels. People who like the only Disney Land in Asia should visit there before radioactive contamination reaches it and forces it to close soon or later.

    The Setagaya Ward Mayor, Nobuto Hosaka (a member of Japanese Socialist Party), proved idiotic this time, too. He proved he is as worthless as the Governor Ishihara, I suppose. Hosaka started as a political activist and rose to fame later to win a seat in the Japanese parliament. But, you see, now he can not handle the radiation crisis either.
    It is true all these stupid problems are happening because the “entombing” of Fukushima Daiichi was rejected by Kan’s cabinet in March. But Ishihara and Hosaka can not use it for an excuse to dump the radioactive wastes or to manipulate the radiation reports at a supermarket or at a street in Setagaya. If they want the entombment now, they should demand the Prime Minister of Japan to do it today though belatedly.

    If Hosaka and his supporters keep the promise to bring “democracy” to Tokyo (and Japan), Hosaka should now demand an official meeting with Tokyo Governor to demand an immediate stop to the dumping of radioactive wastes in the Tokyo Bay. Hosaka should also demand the Governor to conduct an honest survey of radiation level in Setagaya and other Tokyo areas. He was a celebrity politician before but doesn’t want to act these days? Because he now wants to make money?

    By demanding the Tokyo Governor Ishihara these actions immediately, Hosaka can finally honor the promise of “democracy” he gave to the Setagaya people when he ran for the Mayor of Setagaya Ward. Setagaya is not far enough from the Bay anyway. Let’s watch what Hosaka will do in the coming days.

    1. I find your posting completely outrageous to the point of comic. You really believe that rich people are innovative, courageous, refined movers of economy who matter more than anyone else? Ever been to an Upper Ivy League college party or an intimate diplomatic dinner and seen what it is actually like? Boy oh boy.

      In fact, most of the people who made important decisions in this crisis are wealthy and they can and will move away from Tokyo, which is just like any other city to them. Well, guess what? Rich people are replaceable too…and money still can’t buy brains, all rumors to the contrary.

      But I confess, I am also surprised, because we agree on something vital: Tokyo will become a mere shell of a city in years to come and the destruction of a historical capital and its beautiful natural environment is a crime.

      Where we differ: I care a lot more about the children than about any “independently wealthy” figurehead. I want to save them first, much before I consider the occupants of any Disney hotel suite.

  3. WHY aren’t they dumping radioactive sludge/ash/etc in the very deepest of caves? I would think even other countries would feel better, their citizens at least, if radioactive materials were dumped in very old mineshafts.

  4. The Ministry of Education Corruption and Lies is obviously a liar. How stupid can citizens be to continue believing the liar government, Tecpco-crappie, and the Ministry of Corruption and Lies? Its just a continuous stream of lies to cover up their incompetence, corruption, and greed to cheat the citizens for money while exposing them to deadly radiation. The government liars and Tepco-crappy should be put in jail for life with their radioactiove poisons.

  5. Does that reporter plan on having children in the future? She probably has no idea there’s any danger. Her boss must have told her the government said it’s safe. She should at least be wearing a mask, goggles, disposable hazmat suit and boots. She tramped around out there in radioactive dust and then went back to work and back home. I don’t think that’s Tama City, but the Tama region. I think the plant they were at is in Fuchu City. They call lots of places in western Tokyo Tama something.

    1. Exactly. It has been longer than 7 months.and she is in media industry. can’t understand why she’s still so ignorant.

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