Cesium flew further than 1200km

Waste RadioCs 16pref Result 20110829

According to the report of Japanese ministry of environment, Cesium-134 ,-137 were measured from refuse incineration ash even in Ogasawara mura, where is 1200km south west to Fukushima plants.

From the ash trapped by the air filter

  • Cs-134 48.2 Bq/Kg
  • Cs-137 66.8 Bq/Kg
  • Total 115 Bq/Kg

From the rest of the ash

  • Cs-134 ND
  • Cs-137 13.6 Bq/Kg
  • Total 13.6 Bq/Kg

Sample taken 7/11/2011

There literally is nowhere to evacuate in Japan.



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