News: Tepco is showering contaminated water

Tepco is planning is sprinkle “low” level contaminated water in the area of the Fukushima plants.

They stocked 17,000 tons of contaminated water in the tanks.

It came from the reactor 5 and 6.

They explain they will not be harmful for the environment because they will purify it with zeolite.

Cesium is supposed to be less than 0.05 Bq/cm3 (50,000,000 Bq/m3), which is the safety limit of bathing beach,though they do not mention other types of the radioactive material such as strontium etc..

Tepco is planning to sprinkle it after receiving permission from the local citizens.

They are trying to stop wood from sparking (ed: what does THAT look like), and also stop dust flying.

Also,they are intending to make the tanks empty by doing it.

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