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Unconfirmed Report: 4th reactor also had a huge explosion on 3/15

This has not been announced by JP gov as always, but NHK seems to have caught the explosion scene.(not broadcast it.) It has been believed that 4th reactor is severely


News: September 15, 2011

Tepco is starting back to being brazen. While the summer of saving energy is coming to an end, Tepco is launching a counterattack. Medias conclusion that the accident in the


Breaking News: detailed analysis of Tokyo soil

Today we are sharing work by some quite thorough people who took readings and soil samples from a Tokyo [Sagamihara] park (250 km from Fukushima) that the authorities had reported


Column of the Day: Communication with French Embassy

With respect to this article we previously posted: Breaking News: Violence caught for an innocent French man A French man in Tokyo sent an email to their embassy. Dear Mr