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Breaking News: Justice bought by power company

It has become clear that 2 members of the government’s examination committee in charge with the disputes regarding the compensation for the damage caused by the nuclear (accident), received “reward”


Column of the Day: Why Japanese government is telling us lies

9/28,Japanese government is lifting the mandatory area in Fukushima. Obviously nothing has been improved. They say, the temperature of the reactors are going under 100C, so it is not the


Breaking News: High level of radiation is making hydrogen from H2O

These are the tonight’s tweets of actual Fukushima worker called Happy20790. 今日も無事帰って来ましたっ。1号機の原子炉建屋は今日も作業中止でし。先週、可燃性ガス測定器で4%Maxって言ったけどまさかの100%越え(*_*)今ある測定器は可燃性ガスを計るものだから水素単体はわからないけど東電はほとんどが水素だろうだって言ってる。 I managed to come back safely today. We couldn’t work at reactor 1 today, again. Last week,they said


News: Actual workers talk about Fukushima

At the moment the conditions at Unit 1 of Fukushima nuclear power plant continues to be chaos, so Tadaharu Murakami (pseudonym), 30 years, an employee of a company that works