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News: September 7, 2011

[Hot spot at Imperial Palace] A Tokyo citizen detected radiation level at 4 points around Imperial Palace. 9/4 (uSv/h) 8/31(17:00) 1.24 HORIBA PA-1000 5cm above side ditch 8/31(17:00) 0.85 HORIBA


Breaking News: Radiation has started attacking DNA

In 300km area from Fukushima (Tokyo is about 250km from Fukushima),a Japanese citizen found unusual amount of mutated cicada. People were worried about cicada in this early summer because they


News: Is he the camera guy?

Former Shooto heavyweight champion and Pride veteran Enson Inoue is one super cool guy – but we wonder – is he actually the pointy camera guy or not? Watch his


Breaking News: Hey Thales group

Thank you for watching this blog. Did you find anything interesting ? I hope I enlightened your employees and they decide to quit the fucking stupid nuclear company. Love and