News: Starve or exposed

Japanese are promised to be starving in a few years.

Newly harvested rice is coming into the market.

Even in the reluctant radiation check of the government,they have already detected 500Bq/kg from rice in Fukushima.

The rice field was 3,000 Bq/kg.

It would be even strange if they don’t detect radiation from the rice harvested in such a contaminated rice field.

According to the safety code in Germany:

  • Child: 4 Bq/kg
  • Adult: 8 Bq/kg

However,Japanese “safety” limit is:

  • Child: 200~500 Bq/kg
  • Adult: 200~500 Bq/kg

This is the safety limit of when a nuclear war has begun and there is no other food left.

If you keep eating food which has 500 Bq/kg of cesium-137,you will die in 3 years.

Even if it’s less than 500 Bq/kg,if you keep eating that contamination level of food for 10 years,more than half of Japanese will die for 95%.

This is the Japanese “safety” limit.

If you are outside of Japan, please do never eat anything from Japan.

If you are in Japan, please try to get out of there AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

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