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News: All the sensors non-functional

“Reactor three’s core sensors completely destroyed; extent of damage remains undeterminable” On the 21st of September, TEPCO announced the results of its investigation into the condition of the control rod


News: September 23, 2011

Saitama The Prefecture announced possibility of contaminated water leakage from buried ashes, etc. German: Saitama. Die Präfektur gibt die Möglichkeit bekannt, dass kontaminiertes Wasser aus vergrabener Asche etc. austritt. Korean:


News: 10 times more internal exposure compared to direct inhalation

Cesium that has fallen and been disturbed from the ground surface- 10 times more internal exposure compared to direct inhalation – JAEA Analysis Japan Atomic Energy Agency [JAEA] (Toukai Village,


News: One-third of the children lost weight

In July, at a nursery school in Nakano Ward, approximately one-third of the children lost weight. “Extremely rare” the report says. This information came from a nursery school in Nakano


Breaking News: Possibility of hydrogen explosion

Over 1% of hydrogen was found in 2 parts of the pipe in reactor 1. In order to take off the radioactive gas from container vessel,Tepco was planning to cut