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Breaking News: The yellow powder might be plutonium

About the previous post I received a message from a reader of this blog. It was to suggest the yellow powder could be plutonium. Here is the explanation. source


News: Give us Geiger counter

Now in Japan,Geiger counter is in a serious demand. Because of the “social pressure”, which is a beautiful custom of Japanese, the only “right” Geiger counter is supposed to be


Column of the Day: brine damage?

Since this spring ,I often see dead street plants around in Yokohama and Tokyo. Most of them are evergreen. Especially after the typhoon 15th of last week,I find lots of


News: 10.50uSv/h on the train

10.50uSv/h was detected on the train from Narita airport (Chiba) to Tokyo,Yokohama. This is one of the major train line called JR Sobu sen. 10.50uSv/h was detected while the person