Breaking News: The pipes are full of hydrogen

I strongly recommend you to stay away from Japan as far as you can.

Following up the previous post Breaking News: Possibility of hydrogen detonation/

Tepco has finally admitted all the gas in the pipes is hydrogen at Reactor 1.

9/23/2011,Tepco announced they detected 1% of hydrogen in the pipes of Reactor 1.

9/24/2011,Tepco announced the detection limit was only 1% in the last test.

By the additional measurement conducted in the afternoon of 9/23 ,they detected nearly 100% of the gas in the pipe is hydrogen and other varieties of the flammable gas.

In the announcement of yesterday,they stated:

If there was 4% of hydrogen and 5% of oxygen,it would have been dangerous,but 1% of hydrogen is not a problem.

100% is way more than 4%.

Tepco still declares it’s safe because there is no fire.

However,they detected hydrogen in the process of cutting the pipes for the first place.

It is highly likely that that make spark in the process of cutting a pipe.

Hydrogen can be produced from oxidative reactions between Zirconium alloy (Zr) and water (H2O).

If the detected hydrogen is from Zr,it is difficult to explain why there is still so much left even after the March hydrogen explosions.

There is a possibility that the water in the reactor still keeps producing hydrogen because of strong radiation.

If so, oxygen must be somewhere as well,and reactor can be nearly full of hydrogen like a massive bomb.

The clock is ticking.

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