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News: Fukushima blackout

About 22:00 9/21/2011,Typhoon 15th passed Fukushima. Since around 9PM,Fukushima live streaming camera “Fukuichi camera” stopped showing anything for unknown reason. Around the same time,major part of Fukushima prefecture went out


Column of the Day: Escape plan 9/21

Yesterday was my garbage day. I threw away the piles of documents for my exporting side business, and a tissue box case. I know it’s so tiny,but as I always


Breaking News: Typhoon’s hitting Fukushima

      18:58 9/21/2011,Typhoon is almost right above this PC,in Yokohama. Typhoon 15th, 960hPa hit Hamamatsu on 2PM and is heading to north east,straight to Fukushima. (50km/h) As far


Breaking News: Children as waste disposal

“You are making the children waste disposal!” A mother yelled at the mayor of Yokohama city,Hayashi Fumiko. Yokohama city government held an emergency press conference last weekend to detect hot