Breaking News: Violence caught for an innocent French man

In the demonstration of 9/11,about 20 people were caught illegally and still some of them are not released.

This is the video of a French man (Franc san) and his Japanese wife arrested by Japanese police for no reason.

The people yelling in the video are right wing.

“Get out of Japan,foreigners.”

“Arrest him,police,what do you exist for ?!”

“Shoot him down ! Kill him ! ”

The guy in protective clothing is the French man. Obviously he did not do anything illegal,but was taken down to the ground by the police. He was forced to make a fault statement in prison for the condition of release.

His wife was trying to protect him,but 2 of the female police pinned her from her back,and right wing guys kicked on her stomach.

So far,there is no official apology from Japanese police.

If I were French,I would definitely call French embassy for grievance against the Japanese police.

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