Column of the Day: Communication with French Embassy

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Breaking News: Violence caught for an innocent French man

A French man in Tokyo sent an email to their embassy.

Dear Mr Consigny

I am writing to you following the events that occurred at the rally in Shinjuku on September 11th 2011 and regarding the arrest of Mr Franck Coignaud and his wife.

We find these actions from the Japanese authorities and from their allies of the right wings unacceptable and anti constitutional . Mr Coignaud were not even resisting arrest and his wife was kicked in the stomach by some of the extremists. It appeared to us as a “kick” more than everything else. I have included the videos of the arrest and you can clearly see the discrimination in these acts. One of the reasons (per the police’s statement was that he was screaming. How much of a scream can you hear when the poor man has the mask on and by the simple fact that he does not even speak a word of Japanese ?

As the group of right wings extremists were screaming “Get out of Japan,foreigners.” or “Arrest him,police, that’s your job.” or “Shoot him down ! Kill him ! ”, the police was inactive to stop them, but rather made an example of this couple.

This is an outrageous act of violence, which has not been reprimanded by our embassy and no action were taken, other than we commend you for helpin him get out of jail. We understand you must take a diplomatic approach, however justice must be done. Mr Coignaud was forced to sign a declaration in order to get out of jail that was not reflecting the accurate events that occurred.

So if you decide not to act, we will. We have already contacted the Japanese press (whom I think some might have shown up already at the embassy). We are also mass emailing the President Sarkozy and Matignon. We are contacting also the international press. We are gathering all the data and will distribute it wildly all over the net.

It is one thing to make French citizens believe that Tokyo and North Japan is safe to live (amidst constant lies from TEPCO, Japanese Authorities, IAEA, IRSN and Areva etc …), but this is a direct attack on one of our compatriot. We urged you to act and follow up on this most pressing matter.

Yours sincerely,
Nelson Surjon

Constitution Française,déclaration des droits de l’homme:-art-11.La libre communication des pensées et des opinions est un des droits les plus précieux de l’homme;tout citoyen peut donc parler écrire,imprimer librement;sauf à répondre de l’abus de cette liberté dans les cas déterminés par la loi. Art-12.La garantie des droits de l’homme et du citoyen nécessite une force publique;cette force est donc instituée pour l’avantage de tous,et non pour l’utilité particulière de ceux à qui elle est confiée.

Regarding the mass murdering of the Children of Fukushima (already fully spread around the world)

In 10 minutes later,they replied

The gentleman whom I know, said as soon as he heard, he was there first thing in the morning and they bailed him out on the same day. He said Franck and his wife are ok … and that Franck will tell me the whole story.

Now the French person is sending a message to the ambassador himself.

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