News: August 18, 2011

[Boycott Japanese rice]

Food journalist Azuma Hirokatsu witnessed tons of the bags labelled as “made in Niigata” were stocked at merchandise mart to deal Fukushima rice.

They are highly likely to put it into the Niigata bag or mix them altogether.

[Very important for Japanese citizens]

The data base of the lot numbers of toiletry products.
You can search for where the factory is.
You can search from the company name,sort of the product,
name of the restaurant if it’s food,etc

A very helpful site.

[I’ll be back]

Cesium beef will come back to the supermarket to kill us all.

They are going to allow Fukushima and Miyagi to sell their cesium beef again.

The soonest,it’s 8/19.(Tomorrow)

2011/08/18 19:46 【共同通信】

[Never ending story]

Fukushima will not be decommissioned for about 100 years or longer.

Even a normal nuclear plant,which has not had a problem, takes 30 years to be decommissioned.

Now that fuel rods have melted-out,there is no technology to pick them up,decommission process will continue even after we all die.


1988,900,000 people signed on petition to stop Tomari genpatsu,but the mayor betrayed,he started the plant.
Now it only needs 800,000 signature to de-elect Takahashi Harumi,the current Hokkaido mayor.

Let’s take a revenge. Let them know who rules the world.

[Too soon to kill people]

It has been 5 months since 311.

Government finally started radiation check in Fukushima,no less than at 2 points.

They detected 0.44 ~ 3.32 uSv/h at 50cm ~ 100cm from the ground.

[Nuc is safe]

2007,Niigata had a major earthquake and serious trouble at Kashiwazaki Kariwa genpatsu.

Having this disaster,Niigata planned on safety exercise in 2010.

However,nuclear agency stopped them. They commented,nuclear plant is safe even for extremely strong earthquake. Safety exercise on the assumption that earthquake and nuclear disaster happen at once causes panic and misunderstanding about nuclear power.


Petition/obligation to stop re-start the Tokai dai ni nuc plant and abandon the plant.
The plant was damaged by 5m height of Tsunami in 311. It needs to be abandoned right now,like all the other nuc plants.
Please sign on it.

[Bruce Willis of Japan]

Japanese Bruce Willis,Mr.Yoshida is the chief of Fukushima workers.
He apologizes for all the disaster and shows us how they work.

[Interview with evacuated children]

Some of the Fukushima children evacuated from Fukushima.They had a meeting with jap gov yesterday,but they couldn’t hide their disappointment about how reluctant gov is to save Fukushima children.

They are junior highschool students.”People from gov could not even answer our questions(such as why they don’t let all the children evacuate from Fukushima.). We wanted to meet Jap pm or minister of science,whoever has more responsibility.”

“When I evacuated,all the other classmates started to take the situation seriously.Everyone knows it’s not safe anymore. I don’t want to be apart from my classmates,but I can’t stay in Fukushima.”

[The latest report of sea food contamination]

Report on radioactive seafood: Japan Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

To push out Strontium-90 from our body,we must take calcium.To take calcium,we need to drink milk or eat fish.
However,according to the sea food contamination report from ministry of farm shows we should not eat sea food. The report was published 8/17/2011.

[Max] Young lancefish → Cesium 12,500 Bq/kg Iodine-131 12,000 Bq/kg

Iodine-131 is still waiting for us seemingly.

[Et tu,Amazon?]

A shitty book was sold on Amazon,which was written by emeritus professor of Oxford university but the specialty is not radiation.
It reads,you can be exposed to 100 mSv per month.

A reader left a comment “so why not proving with your own body?” and the book review was deleted for some reason.
The person has re-post the review again,I can still read it now.

[too late to escape]

US government was planning to make all the 90,000 American citizens evacuate from Tokyo on 3/16.
They already knew Fukushima was having meltdown. They were extremely doubtful about jap gov.
They decided not to have them evacuate to be concerned about the potential effect to the alliance between Japan and America.

I personally think that was because America wanted to invest into nuc more actually.


The journalist of Tokyo shimbum,Noro Norio commented,
“Stopping nuc gradually ,or shifting to other energy source gradually are nothing different from pro-nuc.All the nuc plants must be stopped right now.”

7月26日東京新聞、野呂法夫特別報道部記者。「段階的に減らすなら「原発のない社会」は夢未来だ」「「原発は過渡的」としたり顔で「縮」「減」を唱える心は「維持」だろう」「私なら「廃原発」だ。 原発廃止を明確に進め、核燃料サイクルもやめる」

[Kanto is more contaminated than we thought]


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At the sewage plant in Maebashi Gunma,they detected 8,000 Bq/kg from the ash of the sewage sludge.

The facility was shut down and now it’s radiation controlled area.

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