Column of the Day: How my body is

I have been in Japan,and spending days almost normally since 311.

Sometimes I was outside,sometimes I was inside of house.

I would like to analyze how a 27 years old man’s body is now.

Basic info;




Blood type;A


27 years old

In Yokohama(about 250km from Fukushima)

No diarrhea,skin and hair looks the bleeding.

Fingers have been feeling numb since 2 weeks ago.According to echo screening,the right side of my thyroid is swollen,which has not been observed last year.

Since April ,my eyes feel sore,especially when I’m outside.
It’s becoming worse since 2 weeks ago. I went to an eye doctor but they didn’t find anything wrong with my eyes. It feels like when you keep your eyes opened for minutes without winking even if you use eye drop.

Since last week,I’ve been having sore throat.My skin feels sore outside as well.

Air “smells” like something,but I can’t explain it specifically.

I have a problem with my white blood cells. I will have a regular health check every October.We will know how it changes then.

so far,this is all.

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