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Column of the Day: This is not only in Japan

Today,they revealed that cabinet knew meltdown was happening,serious amount of radiation was already leaking just after the earthquake,but they kept people stay near nuclear plants and let them seriously exposed.and


Breaking News: Control rod was not controlled

On 3/11,The Nuclear Agency clearly announced that they managed to plug control rods to unit 1~3. However,8/12/2011 22:02,Tepco confessed to The Nuclear Agency,they thought they plugged control rods but because


Unconfirmed Reports: August 12, 2011

[We are clean.] @blue_rainforest 2323 少し前、国会見学に行ってきた。外から見てもすごく白くてきれい。案内の方に聞くと「約70年ぶりに外壁掃除をした」そうな。細かいことは聞かなかったが<きっと除染だろ>と思った。。 just been to Japanese Diet.It looked so white and clean.The tour guide said,they cleaned the exterior wall after 70 years blank.I thought it was


News: August 12, 2011

Hokkaido accepting Fukushima nuclear refugees [Group evacuation] Hokkaido is accepting family with children from Fukushima. They will cover the cost of transporting, No rent until 3/31/2013 Rental furniture Simplifying moving