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Column of the Day: Japan’s North Koreanization

Just after 311,Tepco employees evacuated from Fukushima first. and then,mass media companies left. then,doctors left. Now even only if you sneeze,doctors would tell you it’s heat stroke, but they seem


Breaking News: Whistle-blower of neptunium239 was purged

A couple of days ago ,the report that they detected thousands Bq of neptunium239 in Iidate mura shocked the whole world. However,the people who blogged about the report were purged.


News: August 16, 2011

[Massive steam from unit4] 8/14/2011 11:00~12:00 About 2:00~ of this video. The largest steam in day time ever. [Purge] The comedy duo,”Oshidori mako/ken” was purged because they published the report