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Column of the Day: Pro-nuc moron is hatching out of the cocoon

Today one of my site got down,another one became super slow. From the server check,it wasn’t a DDOS attack seemingly but there was some kind of attack for sure. It


Unconfirmed Reports: August 20, 2011

[Saitama is serious] @Religiuse ren いとこが住んでいて、体調が悪いというので避難を勧めたけど、思考停止で拒否反応@hanayuu埼玉の三郷の土壌はまじ、すごいことになってる、フクシマ以上の人体実験になる。一刻も早い避難を “Misatoshi in Saitama is severely contaminated. My cousin lives there,he says he’s been sick.I told him to evacuate but rejected.He stopped accepting the reality.Saitama


News: August 20, 2011

[Decontaminate the politics] It turned out that the estimated the total radiation exposure dose is 508 mSv/y in the mandatory evacuating area. They finally admitted that decontamination is impossible. They


Background: Survey results for Tokyo soil contamination

Bottom Line: Average contamination in Tokyo region soil is 30,032 Bq/m² Tokyo City tested out at 61,713 Bq/m² on May 14, 2011 Note: This is not current to August, 2011