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Column of the Day: Rule of the fool

I dare not to say who is the fool. It has been 66 years since Japan had the first nuclear bombs at Nagasaki and Hiroshima. As every year different pm


Breaking News: Radioactive plume is still falling

According to the research of Tokyo metropolitan institute of public health, there has not been radioactive plume detected since 5/14,but they detected 5.3Bq/㎡ Cesium134,5.1Bq/㎡ cesium137 on 8/5, 4.5Bq/㎡ cesium134,3.93Bq/㎡ cesium137


News: August 8, 2011 How do they catch the contaminated water coming out from the bottom ?? [Don’t waste your life] Real time radiation map of each US city.