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Column of the Day: How my body is

I have been in Japan,and spending days almost normally since 311. Sometimes I was outside,sometimes I was inside of house. I would like to analyze how a 27 years old


Breaking News: Contamination spreads beyond our imagination

Fukushima local court detected 186,000 Bq/kg from the sludge of the side ditch in their Aizu wakamatsu branch,where is 100km far from Fukushima plants. According to government’s regulation,they can keep


Unconfirmed Reports: August 17, 2011

[Madness] @daimura 富山泰庸(とみやまよしのぶ-大蛇が村にや 福島市南向台2.10マイクロシーベルト。駄目。福島市役所前1.49マイクロシーベルト。駄目。到底、到底居住区ではいけない。世紀の大問題!チェルノブイリは0.6で立入禁止区域。 Minami muko dai in Fukushima > 2.10uSv/h In front of Fukushima city hall > 1.49uSv/h Mandatory evacuating area in Chernobyl > 0.60uSv/h [Unknown disorder] Yablokov, Nesterenko


News: August 17, 2011

[Beautiful people] 4/13/2011,the next day of when they finally admitted Fukushima was level 7,Minister of economy,Kaieda and Minister of science revised the rule of subsidy to let the pro-nuc local