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Column of the Day: Boycott Japanese products

Today,Russia rejected importing cars from Japan because they detected 17uSv/h. (source) Radiation doesn’t get attached to only cars.It has already been attached to everything, cars,electric appliances,agricultural products,and everything. Even though


Unconfirmed Reports: Reports without strong background

We are launching a new class of post today – rumors that Iori hears and sees around Japan. These may be untrue or true but hard to verify. We thought


Breaking News: Nuclear Reactor Tsuruga genpatsu is also in a trouble?

Though nothing has been improved at Fukushima,today 2.50uSv/h was detected in Fukui. There are Monju (fast breeder reactor) and Tsuruga genpatsu in there. Both had been stopped last month,but Tsuruga


News: August 10, 2011

[Another nuc is in trouble] 2.59uSv/h in Fukui. WTF is going on there. [Tweet of a mother in Fukushima] @rei451 yokoko @RinRinRinjiro @jelly_beans9 @hanayuu 私の娘も、校外学習から、口を縛ったビニール袋をおみやげに持って帰ってきました。「ママに美味しい空気を吸わせてあげたくて」泣きそうでした。 My daughter came back