Breaking News: August 18, 2011

[Manipulated public opinion]

Tomari Genpatsu (nuclear power plant) in Hokkaido is re-starting. 12 years ago, they had the same issue again.

At that time,Hokkaido power company and local government tried to manipulate the public opinion,which has been done for all the other nuc plants in Japan too. Most probably,to all the other nuc plants in the world.

Here are the templates that they prepared. If you have the same opinion,you are likely to be brain washed without noticing.


10.1999,it turned out that Hokkaido power company ordered their employees,their surroundings,and sub-contract companies to submit 5000 of the pro-nuc “opinion”.


Power company ordered their stakeholders to send attendance to the town meetings to be held at 5 places in Hokkaido.The average number of the attendance was about 30.They were required to cover about half of all the audience.


The company command document was treated as confidential.It included the guideline to tell “Submit brief and clear opinion to support the new building project of unit3,Tomari genpatsu.”


The templates of the opinion was like “Tomari genpatsu definitely needs unit3.It is impossible to reply on wind power or solar power.” It was totally a set-up opinion.


Another template “27 years old,female office worker.having asthma.[I think we have to reply on nuclear power.I can’t live in the place of polluted air.My parents even moved house for my asthma.To save our ecology,we mustn’t reply on coal or oil power.] ”


More template “42 years old ,female,part time worker [I used to think nuc was dangerous,I couldn’t distinguish atomic bomb and nuclear power.but listening to the explanation,I learnt nuc plant can never become like a bomb.”

source;Tokyo shimbun 8/18/2011 page.22

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