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Column of the Day: What is the purpose of people to call us paranoid?

On 7/30/2011,I posted the article about dead azalea in Bunkyoku. Some people criticized it is not even information,it’s just a picture of dead azalea. However today,another report came to show


Breaking News: They detected radioactive Iodine from the thyroid of half of the Fukushima children

Today,Dr.Tashiro from Hiroshima university published the data to show about half of the children in Fukushima have their thyroid exposed to radioactive Iodine. They tested 1149 children in Fukushima ,and


Unconfirmed Reports: August 13, 2011

[Does demonstration work?] @Bello1962 Yoshie A 25年前も、1万五千人規模のデモはありました。でも原発は増設され続けました。当時のデモはあの読売新聞ですら報道しましたが、マスコミが報道してくれない(に等しい)今のデモに力があるのか、疑問です。 15,000 people attended at anti nuc demonstration 25 years ago,even mass media reported it,but they still kept building nuc plants.I wonder if demonstration works.


News: August 13, 2011

[No check] A car came from Fukushima to Yokohama. Authorities checked the car,and declared it’s safe. The driver washed it inside and outside for a couple of times in Yokohama.