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Column of the Day: Fukushima, Riot, and AA+ recession

As I’ve been telling,world economy got into recession. I feel like this will be the LAST recession in the history. Japan had three crisis at once,earthquake,Tsunami,and Fukushima, but Fukushima is


Breaking News: A citizen of Minami soma shi turned out to have had severe internal exposure

8/3/2011,on the TV show “News Watch 9” of NHK,they report that people from Minami soma shi had whole body counter check. On the TV show,camera caught one of the result


Unconfirmed Reports: August 11, 2011

[Hidden danger] @nikkan_gendai 株式会社 日刊現代 日刊ゲンダイ 【原発事故】 海より危険! セシウムは山にたまっている 山は放射性物質が滞留しやすく、除染が難しい 日光、那須はホットスポット Mountainous area tends to keep cesium more than sea. Especially Nikko and Nasu are hot spot. [Tweet from a Fukushima citizen] @sophie_chia Sophie_C_Hirose


News: August 11, 2011

[MASSIVE INTERNAL EXPOSURE] A citizen from Minamisoma shi The result of WBC. Cs-137 129,746 Bq + Cs-134 122,676 Bq = 252,422 Bq/kg [Endless concealment] NSC deleted all the data