Column of the Day: Sometimes

My blog is made of rage.

I can never forget the desperation when I know gov has been all telling us lie,and they are still telling.

Honestly,since 311,I sometimes think how to end my life when I find myself having cancer.

Especially when it’s leukemia,the pain is more than you can bear.

I sometimes think when I have nosebleed all of a sudden.

Can I fight until the very moment ?

Will anybody take care of me ?

Leukemia is very hard to cure unless you are lucky.

In the mind getting blur day after day,what value can you give to the society ?

Is it worth of putting up with the pain ?

I’m getting to think I must be prepared ,good load may come tomorrow.

So far,I think I don’t want to die in pain.

I would love to smuggle some drug to make myself pass-out even though it cuts off the last short moment of my life.

I don’t think I can put up with the pain.

If possible,I already want to keep some drug beside me,so I can end my life anytime needed.

I don’t want to be killed by cancer. It must be me to rule my life.

Until the very last moment,I want to contribute to the world.

I hope what I write on this blog will help our descendants.

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