Breaking News: Two nuc workers poured radioactive water over themselves

8/31/2011,two plant workers at Fukushima poured radioactive water over themselves.

They were pulling out water where they stock material to absorb cesium from highly contaminated water.

One of them was trying to pull out the water on the top of a ladder and the other worker was supporting the ladder. Around 9:35AM on 8/31,they poured the water over themselves mistakenly.

One of them was wearing rain coat but the other one was only wearing clothes with bonded material. Radioactive water got on his body directly,they detected 10 times higher as “standard”.

They assert they did not take it into the body from mouth or nose for some reason.

They also assert the exposure dose was only 0.14 ~ 0.16 mSv for some reason too.

(As to the acute leukemia accident,they declare it has nothing to do with the work at the plant because “incubation stage takes a few years in case of acute leukemia”.However,from my research,acute leukemia does not have incubation stage.

They say the dead worker was exposed to only 0.5 mSv,and died of acute leukemia but either of the info,or both of the info are very suspicious.Even in this case,even though they had the radioactive shower from the top of head , saying they were only exposed to 0.14 mSv sounds un-understandable to me,at least.

I will make another article about this issue soon.)

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