As the situation grows more perilous in Japan, many people are beginning to consider ways to evacuate themselves and their loved ones.

We hope that you find a new home!


To find a home or place that is suitable to you, please see below, click “Browse Home Offers” and “Search Home Offers” to find an offer that looks good to you. Click it and then you will then be able to contact that person to learn more about the place.

下の “Browse Home Offers” や “Search Home Offers” をクリックして、自分や家族に合った家・部屋をお探しください。一覧の中の物件をクリックするとそれぞれの詳細情報が見られます。

To offer a home or living space, please click “Place Home Offer” and follow the directions. Keep the language simple and direct. You can upload one photo of the place you are offering. Administrators will have to screen photos for obvious reasons. Thank you for your generosity!

自分の家や部屋を提供されたい方は “Place Home Offer” をクリックして指示に従って進んでいってください。表記はシンプル&ダイレクトに。提供される家・部屋の写真を一枚添えることができます。その写真はサイト管理人により最低限の適・不適審査がされます。皆さんの親切な援助に感謝します!

If you have any issues please contact me – Nika

質問等ありましたらこちらへどうぞ- Nika

This section provides you with links to resources that will help with evacuation.

If you know of an evacuation resource not shown here please send us an email: if in japanese click here to email Iori – if in english click here to email Nika and we will include it! If those links do not work for you use: nika dot boyce at gmail dot com.


http://welcomejapanese.org/ -> in France

there s a homestay project for children from fukushima – http://sites.google.com/site/sydneyrainbowstayen/home


Namayasaiでは野菜作りに興味がある方や有機農法・自然農法を学びたい方に泊まり込みでの農業 研修(通称「農作業ボランティア」)の機会を提供しています。イギリスの自然に囲まれながら英語を学びつつ、農薬や化学肥料を使わない野菜作りを学んでみ ませんか。

They offer volunteer work (organic farming) in England, people can stay there overnight and get food for free.




Yahoo Groups:





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44 Responses to “Evacuate”

  1. Susanne says:


    They offer volunteer work (organic farming) in England, people can stay there overnight and get food for free.

  2. Susanne says:

    Fukushima Hébergements by Gérard Mannig :

    Document with Emailadresses and Phone Numbers:

    English translation of the Document:
    Japan- still an emergency
    We are looking for host families.
    After the earthquake of 11th of March and the succeeding nuclear catastrophe, groups of volunteers, French, Japanese, people from other nations, offer, 6 months after the event took place, temporary housing for Japanese families all over the world. It is necessary to facilitate housing for voctims of the catastrophe who need a place to stay, also for those who come from regions other than those which had been officially evacuated. The idea is to do, what years before the French organization “The Children of Tschernobyl” did: Offer a safe place for maximum 3 months (maximum duration of tourist visa) to enable the body to regenerate and also some recreation.
    Info and Contact: Gérard Mannig, 0235- 59 86 76, fukushima-hebergements@laposte.net or Stephanie Brasier, 095 091 1791, collectifdesirradies@gmail.com
    If you want to offer a place, send your offer to hebergement_Japon_2011@yahoogroupes.fr

  3. Bob says:

    The Japanese will not accept this charity they are too full of false pride , sadly… they believe their criminal government too much.

    • Christian KIRCHER says:

      your analyse of the japanes people is wrong. the people don t believe without hesitation their governement. they do have questions which they want to be answered but they resign as they know they majority of the people would not have the chance to go off abroad. They know what means the word solidarity. they don t want to leave behind those who cannot go off. Of course some japanese do take the decision to go abroad but they are not happy about this. You Bob, you have lost all sens of community and proud of nation…
      yes it would be right to evacuate everybody, but where to go with more than 100 million people ? you can give their a land where they have a futur? then you can speak about japanese reactions….

  4. Yamagata says:

    I don’t want to cause panic, but please read a blog (it’s American) called Economic Undertow. Sorry it isn’t translated into Japanese.

    The writer has been saying for months that Fukushima would go critical and now he is saying that it will explode once the melted corium hits the bedrock under the sandy soil. The explosion would be like a mega-ton nuclear bomb, and fallout would cover the whole nation. He says the exclusion zone should be 50 miles now. And obviously if it explodes, then all the way down to where??? (I’m guessing Nagoya??—that is just a guess) would be uninhabitable…

    Basically this writer was saying that Fukushima would go recritical and it did and now he is saying it will explode……

    • Christian KIRCHER says:

      you are right there is a big risk. but there is no reason to panic.
      if really happens the big bang you are worried about, well then the whole humanity is concerned and the world we have known will be no more as it will concern the whole world.
      Fukushima is no more a national problem but a worldwide problem. All serious experts worldwide should offer their help and go public with transparency so that we have a better sight on this problem.
      You cannot believe everybody , specially politically engaged persons. But when you have heard enough opinions then you can form your own opinion. Opinions who arebased on facts are of course the best ones to take in consideration….
      I don t understand why there is not much more cooperation between japan and the rest of the world to resolve this problem. Why are they loosing so much time ? Could the reason be that there is nothing we can do about, just wait what will happen?
      If this is the reason then we all are lost when there will be an explosion as this radioactivity will spread all over the world….
      Nobody wants to give measures of seawater. The gulfstream is capable to transport radioactive seawater till the coasts of america. The japanise wrecks of the tsunami did allready arrive there. So why not radioactive seawater? The problems are much more diversified than we think about…. the winds does transport also the radioactivity. how can you know when you eat a fish where he did swim?

  5. ken s says:

    I am sending $ 30 cdn ASAP You are doing an heroic service. we love you for that— we are with you! Will look for dried food to send.
    The blog needs “tell a friend” ad message –more Self advertising of ANY kind: Pics of kids etc–will write more later -must go now. Thank you This blog is unique Dont give up!! Pictures –Lots!
    Ken S. Vancouver bc ca

  6. ken s says:

    Hello Mochizuki San :

    There is a lot of work that you have done well
    on your blog. Thank you for doing that.

    You must use every visual and technical device
    and principle to attract Web Traffic : Pictures
    enclosed within an original layout, with many
    1 click options related to them.

    If you do not, your Web Traffic (hits) will not
    increase, so advertisers will not call. With
    no advertisers you will have no income, consequently your server costs will eat your
    present resources, until your server access
    is cut for non payment.

    I am not in advertising or marketing, but I
    Do know the principles under which they operate.
    You are in competition with millions of products:
    Hamburgers, cars, clothes, Hello Kitty,: Everything.

    You are trying to sell an IDEA : To organize information and people, so that they do
    not suffer an agonizing future.

    The idealism of your cause does not alter the
    principles under which you must operate

    Ideas are sold like hamburgers or cars as you can
    see all around you. Yes it is tacky, and opposite
    to the idealism of your efforts, But It Works!
    —Also as you can see all around you.

    A blog can be done, in pieces from 30 or so locations on the planet. This is done routinely,
    and efficiently, in business, Collaboratively.

    There probably are several thousands of tech
    and biz people who would be glad to help you
    Philippine, Korean, Chinese, Americans,
    Canadians. All you have to is inspire them as you Have done, then organize them across time zones, by skills, by schedules etc etc.

    It would cut your workload by 1/2 +
    I suggested that you use lots of pictures.
    I seemed to detect a sense of complete
    disinterest in your reply.

    Why has Fukushima happened? Because the
    Japanese people have refused to adapt to present
    realities (nor has the USA or Europe) In rejecting
    the advice of nuclear scientists, who are apalled at the technical and admitistrative chaos, re
    Fukushima. The best of the worlds physicists and engineers
    are told to stay home, so that a bunch of bureaucrats wont be seen as losing face. Is this
    the 21 century? — or the 12th??

    It may seem cruel for me to ask you the same
    question: Rejecting informed advice without
    consideration, is what the Japanese government
    has done, to the present, Sure, You Know where
    those bureaucrats Will Be When there is a cancer
    victim on every street: They will vote themselves an obscenely huge
    government payout/payoff, (and buy their houses) then off to HK CA CN
    USA AU etc etc leaving children with abnormalities, –and parents with cancer
    to fend for themselves, or die.

    ie the very people who did nothing to prevent the
    deaths of millions of their fellow Japanese will be
    living in luxury condos on the Vancouver, Shanghai
    or Sydney waterfront

    I wish you well, and wish you success.

    —Ken S. Vancouver BC CA Nov 17 11

    Thank you Yamagata. The Economic Undertow article
    says what every govt in the world is trying to Hide.

  7. Pulchinette says:

    You can contact them, maybe they can help you.

  8. Susanne says:

    Homepage by Philippe DENIS – Conseiller municipal, mayor of a French town, offering places to stay:

  9. MaryW says:

    CONGRATULATIONS! :) This is a wonderful project, a big Thank You! And the Live Chat on this blog will be a great feature to get this vital information out to the residents of Japan. It also will help people talk about their concerns.

    • Mochizuki says:

      Thank you ! Live chat box will help me answer questions about evacuation or the situation ,and I also can know what you want to know mostly. I’ll set the open hour like from 6PM to 7PM. I just want to help as many people as possible.

  10. MaryW says:

    FYI: On this page chat roll is not seen right now. It says Too many simultaneous requests!
    Please retry in a minute.

    (We’re adding capacity as quickly as possible)

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  12. MaryW says:

    Staying at an International Hostel may be a good start while you are looking for a more permanent location for yourself and/or your family.
    I have stayed in Hostels in Germany, France and in the U.S.. My experiences were all great! They offer VERY reasonable prices, great people to answer your questions and help with directions in the area, great food – some meals can be included with your stay and, some Hostels have kitchen areas where you are able to prepare your own meals. Rooms and building areas are very clean and quiet, activities to do, or just to rest up.
    You can meet people of all languages and everyone is respectful. Membership is cheap, since you get discounts on all your stays. Some Hostels allow extended stays, just ask when you call. They answer all your questions on the phone. I would recommend to anyone!
    I hope this information will be of help to you. I wish you the best on your travels.
    Mary W :)

    Family Hostels
    Hostelling International means great holidays for the whole family! HI hostels are always good value, with the flexibility to go as you please. The friendly hostel atmosphere is ideal for you and your children to meet new friends and enjoy new experiences.So, what makes a good family hostel? Many hostels feature special “family rooms”, often with en-suite facilities. There are also comfortable lounges, gardens, play areas, activity
    programmes, barbecues and even swimming pools – plus cafeterias, laundry and drying facilities too.
    More information: http://www.hihostels.com/web/family.en.htm
    Hostels FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
    One of the main reasons why people contact us is to ask questions. Many ask us the same things, so to help you we have listed answers to these Frequently Asked Questions. Check out the links below – it is probably the quickest way to find the information you need.
    Main information page: http://www.hihostels.com/web/a-faq.en.htm#150

  13. RL Schwartz says:

    People who are externally contaminated with radioactive material can contaminate other people or surfaces that they touch. For example, people who have radioactive dust on their clothing may spread the radioactive dust when they sit in chairs or hug other people.
    People who are internally contaminated can expose people near them to radiation from the radioactive material inside their bodies. The body fluids (blood, sweat, urine) of an internally contaminated person can contain radioactive materials. Coming in contact with these body fluids can result in contamination and/or exposed.

    This is an excerpt from some link I followed…..just an FYI that this info is out there. I was concerned to take in someone wondering if the continued radio activity internally would make this a potential problem for my children.

    This is really an incomprehensible FUBAR. Sorry doesnt cut it. The Japanese are an awesome people. Why would they be sacrificed like this????

    • Penny Pincher says:

      RL, fallout is nothing more than radioactive dust from a nuclear event. The half life of most fallout is generally a few days. After about a week, it should be safe to be around someone who had fallout on them, but I would hope that for their own health they could simply take a shower and wash their clothes, which would take care of nearly all of it. Unless your guest had been rolling in radioactive dirt immediately prior to coming to see you, I wouldn’t worry.

      People’s flesh can’t become radioactive. Only the dust, which has tiny bits of the metals in it that are radioactive.

      • Mochizuki says:

        “The half life of most fallout is generally a few days.” → No, it isn’t.

      • Granny says:

        How is people flesh different than wolf flesh? Or hair different than fur? The fur of the wolves that live in Chernobyl, now, is radioactive and toxic enough that breathing in one small hair is enough to cause cancer in a human. If these links don’t work, search PBS and Chernobyl Wolves.


        Radioactive Wolves
        What happens to nature after a nuclear accident? The historic nuclear accident at Chernobyl is now 25 years old. Filmmakers and scientists set out to document the lives of the packs of wolves and other wildlife thriving in the “dead zone” that still surrounds the remains of the reactor.
        chernobyl found at 0:10, 5:44, 7:56

        The wolves seem healthy. Superficially, anyway. However, I am not so worried about “catching” radioactivity from someone, so much as concerned that people with such exposure that they have measurable radioactive flesh and hair, will sicken, themselves. Also they become walking GMOs. People do need to get away from the sources of this poison, as soon as they can.

        I do not know how to lessen the problem. Entomb in concrete, like Chernobyl? Which happened much sooner, and at a terrible cost of brave volunteers, who died there. Fukushima is worse. Is it even possible to mitigate this on going disaster, now?

      • Intel Agent says:

        It’s not ok, and I would like you to stop and think about what you said and then banish yourself in shame so that you can’t hurt anyone as your lies are dangerous and so are you.

  14. [...] Originariamente inviata da AleSco83 Bisogna stare attenti a fare affermazioni di una certa gravità. Sono d'accordo, stai attento anche tu. Questa iniziativa secondo te a che serve? Evacuate | Fukushima Diary [...]

  15. I wonder if anyone suffering with families in Japan, who have the resources to start up again in a new country, and who can get status in Canada, would like to consider northern Ontario.
    I live in Thessalon, Ontario, Canada P0R 1L0 (google maps) and am looking for good people to move here, help develop a music and arts mecca along the quiet north shores of Lake Huron (Great lakes). This will require some thousands of incoming, creative and artistic, minds as well as appreciative self-employed web-based entrepreneurs.

    Just putting out the idea to Japan, where I know many are suffering, displaced and in danger of worse problems in the near future. I would offer you a great big almost empty country, Canada, where you could re-establish strong vibrant communities near water. The changes to your lives would be big, but the future might also be huge for your children and future generations.

    I wish you all well, and if you are musicians, love music, tour across Canada, drop in. My small venue is struggling for lack of people in the area, but this area is beautiful, much like Toronto in climate and just 7 hours north of the most densely populated region of Canada.

    -please pass this idea on, I have no pull with immigration or $ to help anyone move here, though I offer what I can share when you get here, I am merely sending a good idea which would also be good for my underpopulated community.

    cheers and good health


    • amy says:

      it is really a lovely place and would like it there myself ,we could start like an amish community barn raising and start a green farm add another and another it could be a place full of the beautiful collors of japan art music, love and full of trust all we need is some land and hands minds and ideas ive got lots of them i guess this is how we begin , talking to each other anyone else out there hellllloooo

  16. btw – real estate here is among the cheapest in Canada. The big reason for tis is lack of jobs. Which is why you will want to move here with an internet based business or self-employment or other means. http://www.mls.ca

  17. Ah Jodie says:

    Where I live, Janesville, Wisconsin, USA, there are lots of cheap houses to buy, if people have the money and want to move out. I am not a real estate agent, but, could look for people, agents try to sell the high priced homes for their profit, I can find much cheaper and good homes for free. There are not a lot of jobs here that pay well, but lots of lower paying jobs for those that want to work. Message me on Facebook…. look up Ah Jodie. I will try to help.
    I am thinking those with not much money need to move out too, and am trying to think of how to get them to safety.
    Sending love to all.
    Ah Jodie

  18. rakingmuck says:

    You are doing oustanding work. I am very happy to have made on on-going monthly donation to your site and hope others – especially citizens of CALIFORNIA – do so as well

  19. superdry says:



  20. Lesya says:

    Lori, you are my hero, an example of one fearless and brave man making a big difference in a world, I will be sending you donations as long as you need it.

  21. This whole thing is getting ready to blow, and we will be in the mist of Hell on Earth!!

    Its over people!!


  22. [...] Leute, denen Japan zu unsicher geworden ist und die sich eine neue Heimat suchen wollen (“As the situation grows more perilous in Japan, many people are beginning to consider ways to evacuat…“). Tatsächlich ist Mochizuki nicht zimperlich, wenn es darum geht, in Japan [...]

  23. Marianne Jones says:

    I found an article about how to stay legally in Europe for more than 90 days. This might be useful for those looking to stay in Europe for evacuation.


  24. ivan says:

    if ITALY can affect the present and a firm’s real estate market that allows you to buy more moderately priced compared to years ago … information of various kinds of houses in Romagna province of RIMINI but found throughout ITALIAN

  25. ivan says:

    Information for ITALY vcrimini@hotmail.com

  26. Karl Hoessel says:

    We recently returned to the USA after 25 years in Japan Ansd we have been following the Fukushima disaster since day one. We have been receiving reports and info from Arnie Gunderson and Dr.Busby et.al, and now as of this year we’ve been reading your ‘diary.’ We are grateful for your selfless work and and intrepid reporting of the things largely hidden from the public eye and obviously covered up by either the government, Tepco or the mainstream media, both in Japan and in the USA.
    Keep up the good work. Can you tell us a little about your needs? Where in fact are you presently located? I had the impression that you gotten to Canada.
    Karl in the UP.

  27. alf says:

    Hello Dear Sir

    Fukushima Dairy is an act of compassion.


    My family and i have relocated to the southern hemisphere , my family freightforwarding and logistics company have made this possible .

    These services can be obtained through travel-uruguay.com .

  28. Boyko says:

    Too much words about Fukushima-, Japan- and World–s Agony.
    Good luck kllrs and scdrs!
    Don&t give up.

  29. Boyko says:

    Mr. Mochizuki, there is an opportunity to help the Fukushima children and their parents in Bulgaria. If the japanese people can organize themselfs and find somebody (an organization and a leader) to reprezent them, cultural exchange camps for children and jobs for adults, short and long-term homestays will become reality SOON!
    We are late, but still there is a chance. It will be until THE HEAVENS decide to change our planet and its population in an extreme way.
    Good job! and
    Good luck !!!

  30. Bruno Miranda says:

    I was just now reading the Wikipedia page about Sodium Bicarbonate, and it reads there:

    During the Manhattan Project to develop the atomic bomb in the early 1940s, many scientists investigated the toxic properties of uranium. They found that uranium oxides stick very well to cotton cloth, but did not wash out with soap or laundry detergent. The uranium would wash out with a 2% solution of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda). Clothing can become contaminated with depleted uranium (DU) dust and normal laundering will not remove it. Those at risk of DU dust exposure should have their clothing washed with baking soda (about 6 ounces (170g) of baking soda in 2 gallons (7.5l) of water).(note [47])

    Are you aware if this is being put into practice in Japan?
    If you find this helful, please spread the word.

    Best wishes from Portugal, with solidarity with the Japanese People,

    • Boyko Stoianov says:

      Bom dia,Bruno,
      Very good idea, but more actual is brain-washing machine (TV etc.).
      The people around the world now and in Japan traditionally prefer sweet lies than bitter soda.
      Thank you!
      Yoroshiku onegai itashimasu.


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