Sankei newspaper reported 95% of “the people” are for setting up military, 92% of respondents were male

Sankei newspaper reported 95% of the people are for militarizing Japan Self-Defense Force from their original poll. The responds were collected by 1/22/2013.

However, 92% of the respondents of this poll was male. (11,218 male, 930 female)

The purpose of this poll is not known.

Sankei newspaper reported 95% of "the people" are for setting up military, 92% of respondents were male
2 Sankei newspaper reported 95% of "the people" are for setting up military, 92% of respondents were male


Français :

Le journal Sankei rapporte que 95 % “des gens” sont pour la mise en place d’une armée, 92 % des sondés ont été des hommes

Le journal Sankei rapporte que 95 % des gens ayant répondu à leur propre sondage sont pour la constitution d’une Force d’Auto-Défense du Japon. Les réponses ont été collectées vers le 22 janvier 2013.

Toutefois, 92 % des gens questionnés par ce sondage ont été des hommes. (11 218 hommes, 930 femmes)

L’objectif de ce sondage n’est pas communiqué.

Sankei newspaper reported 95% of "the people" are for setting up military, 92% of respondents were male
2 Sankei newspaper reported 95% of "the people" are for setting up military, 92% of respondents were male
  1. “The purpose of this poll is not known”.

    Obviously to remilitarize Japan in line with the nationalist ideology of its leaders (and arguably an ample sector of the people) and the imperialist interests of the USA, especially to contain China, who is pushing for decent exits to the Sea, process that should culminate with the anschluss of Taiwan.

    It is a new reverse Opium War but in Cold War key. China hopes to regain some of its long lost might for the sake of its new global weight (it will surpass the USA in GDP in few years) and the Transpacific Alliance of USA-Japan, around which South Korea, Taiwan, Philippines, Australia and others buzz aim to block that move right away. China would like to push things but does not want to risk markets nor much less a nuclear war so they act with a calculated mixture of boldness where they can (South China Sea atolls, general military buildup, encouraging North Korean nuclear games) and firm caution where they are confronted (Diaoyou/Senkaku islands). They also have weak spots but they are internal and should not change the overall global outlook of the Chinese state as a whole even if a revolution would ensue: they are the rising star as global power and demand their “rightful” place, especially re. naval routes.

    Japan hypothetically could have a more conciliatory approach to China but that would mean a radical change of alliances in the short or mid term and, critically, would not allow your fatherland to make run forward from their obvious decay (already ongoing before Fukushima but now much worse).

  2. Well , the hoopla about the Chinese islands dispute has paid off , it lit up the inherited aggression in people .
    The next logical step it will be the military draft … are you listening Iori ? Did you check how long it takes to obtain a citizenship ? Did you chose a country yet ?

    As for other people reading the poll , do you REALLY believe that US , China and Japan will go to war over this ( considering that China is not Argentina and the Malvinas ) .
    Think about the MAD concept universally accepted and the possible two Billion Chinese Army and their nuclear weapons .

    Not even in the Malvinas case the main land was bombed …

    Those islands are for inept/corrupt politicians a Golden Goose of scare-tactics and deceit against their own population and military ‘budgets’ ( candy to War Industries/elite ) , not to be killed …

  3. Let us start a war then. This is the best way to help the world economy but the winner of the war in terms of gain will not be Japan, I am afraid. USA will be the winner.

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