In 2013, JP gov to purchase 200 times much Fukushima rice as last year

Japanese government is to purchase 40,000 tones of Fukushima rice in 2013, which is 200 times much as 2012.
This year MAFF permits rice planting even in evacuation zone. [Link 1] The rice will be shipped to the market.
Also, by the end of January, all the schools are to serve rice produced in Fukushima city for school lunch.. [Link 2]




Français :

En 2013, le gouv JP va acheter 200 fois plus de riz de Fukushima que l’an dernier

Le gouvernement japonais va acheter 40 000 tonnes de riz de Fukushima en 2013, soit 200 fois plus qu’en 2012.
Cette année, le MAFF autorise la riziculture même dans la zone évacuée. [Lien1] Ce riz sera mis sur le marché.
De plus, vers la fin janvier toutes les cantines scolaires serviront du riz produit dans la commune de Fukushima… [Lien2]





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4 Responses to “In 2013, JP gov to purchase 200 times much Fukushima rice as last year”

  1. Dan says:

    You would think that with an ageing population that will shortly reach an average of 40% of people over the age of sixty years old and therefore becoming more reliant on the public purse, the Japanese govt would be trying to protect its up and coming generation employment force of children.
    These little guys are the future of Japan, and god knows they already had an uphill battle ahead of them to support the army of old folk about to retire over the coming years.
    Now the government seemto be hellbent on wilfully poisoning the lot of them by force feeding radioactive waste?
    Ask yourself this, Japanese govt…… What will you do when the children are ALSO a burden on the health system and you have nowhere near enough workers to support the system?
    The Japanese nation will cease to exist.
    Tepco should be made to pay for those families that want to immigrate to leave the Japanese islands NOW.
    Its not a nice thought, but In a short while, the governments of the world may ban your young people from entering their breeding pools due to the risk of your DNA damage being passed into their populations.

  2. Dogmatic says:

    Japanese society pefers to eat contaminated food and probably becoming sick instead of paying some kind of relief tax to the fukushima farmers. This is a clear example to which extend scocieties can be indoctrinated into some – in this case capatialistic – dogma.

  3. Iwanttolive says:

    This rice is likely to become ODA rice to poison others.

  4. kanagawa mom says:

    Please clarify — all schools in Fukushima will serve Fukushima city rice, or all schools in Japan?!!!

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