[Reactor4] Coolant system is still running without proper equipment

[Reactor4] Coolant system is still running without proper equipment 4


Following up this article..[Reactor4]Coolant system is provisionally back on to be fully recovered tomorrow

SFP4 is not fully recovered yet.

On 7/2/2012, Tepco announced like this below,

Upon investigation, it was confirmed that a system trip occurred as a result of UPS
failure causing the loss of power supply to the monitoring instrument. The cooling
system was recovered by supplying power to the monitoring instrument through a
bypass. After replacing the failed UPS, power supply through UPS will be recovered.


UPS is not replaced to be a new one yet. Tepco stated they are planning to obtain the new UPS during this week.

Also, they still haven’t sorted out what caused the UPS trouble.


[Reactor4] Coolant system is still running without proper equipment 2


[Reactor4] Coolant system is still running without proper equipment 3


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  1. FUKUSHIMA DIARY FR – [Réacteur 4] Le système de refroidissement tourne toujours sans équipement adapté.
    Par Mochizuki, le 2 juillet 2012.

    (schéma du shunt de l’UPS)

    La SFP4 (piscine du réacteur 4) n’est pas encore complètement réparée.

    le 2 juillet 2012, Tepco a annoncé ceci :

    Après investigation, il se confirme qu’une divergence du système est survenue à cause d’un panne de l’UPS (=onduleur) provoquant la perte du courant pour l’instrument de contrôle. Le système de refroidissement a été remis en marche en alimentant l’instrument de contrôle directement. Après remplacement de l’UPS défectueuse l’alimentation électrique au travers d’une UPS sera rétablie.

    L’UPS de remplacement ne sera pas une neuve pour le moment. Tepco affirme qu’ils prévoient de recevoir l’UPS de remplacement cette semaine.

    De plus, ils ne savent toujours pas pourquoi l’UPS est tombée en panne.

    (2 schémas)

  2. Don’t mind me just passing through.
    Solely a maddeningly vain attempt to stop the madness and stop the fission and the death of a nation. Innocents do not deserve to die period.
    Ohi underground seismic/faultline map> www nirs.org/images/ohi.JPG
    Spent fuel pool four open air fresh core and spent fuel criticality event>
    www youtube.com/watch?v=6zDFlI0GzQQ
    www youtube.com/watch?v=lCZghLf3QR8

  3. posting multiple times because I’m going through video www youtube.com/watch?v=faCg6a7Lq-Q&feature=plcp <this is what amounts to some left over white hot nuclear fuel, it is fissioning to maintain that color spectrum/temperature "reference- helicopter video chernobyl looking inside reactor and seeing hot fuel". Those two globes are but a small percentage of the fuel inventory. This is dangerous because onsite uncontained fission sends out neutrons in all directions and agitating and possibly initiating fission in subcritical fuel assemblies within a kilometer radius. There is not much neutrons cannot pass through. Boron containing materials can absorb them, but this fuel is not shielded by boron.
    www youtube.com/watch?v=VyApO5qrr4U&feature=plcp < 1:11 is the interesting part of this video, note this video is 1hour speeded up to be 2minutes 45 seconds long, I believe 66Xspeed, there is a supercriticality flash at that time, it lasted for some time in relation, this would have been seen for many miles, just as the july 29th supercriticality would have. To those in the know, what happened and what's happening is very clear and they aren't talking.

    1. Thank you for much excellent explaination. Hard to take in but mostv likely this is the true scenario. To the person who commented “have they started to evacuate Tokyo yet” I hope so but unfortunately the Japan government has already indicated no real care for the well being of its people or the US either.

  4. www youtube.com/watch?v=2ktpI7jExRg&feature=plcp www youtube.com/watch?v=pxADeMDMvhA&feature=plcp
    You can see Reactor number four turn into a giant open air nuclear reactor, all fuel in that unit starts to fission, you can see a column of radiation go straight up into the sky.
    another hour www youtube.com/watch?v=km9MYWeuIDY&feature=plcp
    Again, here is the intitiating “event”www youtube.com/watch?v=6zDFlI0GzQQ&feature=plcp and it’s subsequent next hour>www youtube.com/watch?v=1iWXVLfub6A&feature=plcp
    If you are unsure or curious to what this means, then please by all means ask away.

      1. My answer is, I suspect the fissioning fresh core on the right of reactor four “tbs cam” and the entire inventory on the left side of reactor four “jnn cam” put out heat in excess of 100 million horsepower for a long duration, the majority of that fuel inventory melted through it’s holding pools and is now in the ground fissioning just like it did above ground “as witnessed”, My honest opinion is the black smoke is due to the 400? 500? 600? ton mass of fissioning fuel burrowing into the ground.
        Sidenote- The 100 ton reactor cores of 1 2 3 did not result in what russia feared, “a corium mass hitting the water table and exploding with incredible force” I believe do to the fact the fissioning corium masses diluted themselves by mixing with material as it burrowed. I believe with this amount of fuel now burrowing towards the water table as we speak, could result in that as of yet unseen explosion as more mass should retain it’s supercritical concentration for a much longer time and accordingly will go much deeper.
        Again lead with boron is the answer.

    1. What I see is a camera failing, there is no doubt the tbsjnn camera went down hard (failed, lost pixels, or fried out), but it is functioning again and shows heavy fog rolling in. Currently, it appears to be zoomed in closer to the cranes. Cameras have filters for different lighting, so they may have been switching filters to try to obtain an image. It shows very foggy conditions currently (as does the t e pco camera) and probably rain, so a camera may struggle through heavy moisture in the elements. Especially if water vapor is moving heavy particles around as well…

        1. I am a camera operator, it appears to be this type of scenario and I am a coastal resident, so I see fog all the time like this.
          what do you disagree with and what are you stating, it is vague?

          1. …and why is the t e pco camera uneffected in the same manner since these particles are, as you say, dispersing?

          2. Apparently there is strong feeling that black smoke “may” be related to radioactive “flea” – due to events surroundinglack of coolent in reactor 4 plus there have already been reports of explosion in reactor 6. Grave concern we are seeing the beginning of the end and trying to get clear on situation as many scared.

            1. It seems you answered question and I did not realize it. When you said “moving heavy particles around” that more or less gave confirmation to what people fear so thanks for the info.

              1. Dubious, if you watch t e pco cameras, cranes are moving implying work is in progress. So, if there is an emergency and everything was falling down around them, would there be any activity onsite, or would everyone have run for the hills? It is heavy fog, so until it clears it is an unknown… hope this makes sense in a devil’s advocate kind of way. Believe me, I am absolutely intolerant of TEP-COS activities and every single aspect of what has transpired from the Japanese gov’t, and especially the US gov’t not even half assed attempt at assistance, they all deserve to be indicted for industrial negligence.

                1. I would like you to be aware that during this event tepco cam was either not “seeing” what tbs/jnn cam was nor any of the flashes or radiation column into the sky, nor smoke,/also the tepco cam feed was cut, so it was impossible during the event to correlate jnn/tbs cam to tepco cam. I should know, I was watching.

                  1. So, you are saying the camera from tbs/jnn was working perfectly at the time of this event, or that event? The te pco camera went out during what time frame? Confused…

  5. I agree Intel. TSHF, I’m going into my fallout shelter tomorrow morning for the next month.

    1. Here’s a professional saying what happened.
      www ccnr.org/Edwards_SFP_Unit4.pdf > Does anyone know if they started evacuating tokyo on June 29th 2012?

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