Tepco started soil improvement work under reactor4

Tepco started soil improvement work under reactor4


Tepco started soil improvement work under reactor4 2


Tepco started soil improvement work under reactor4 3


Tepco started soil improvement work under reactor4.
Tepco is planning to cover the reactor building with RC structure by autumn of 2013.

Tepco is also tearing down the outward walls and posts.
For soil improvement work, Tepco is going to dig the ground beside the reactor building.


Tepco started soil improvement work under reactor4 4









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7 Responses to “Tepco started soil improvement work under reactor4”

  1. toodleloo says:

    How in the world can that wreckage withstand all the EARTHQUAKES ripping up the place, to this day???!

    In VA, USA, there was a record earthquake last year and it cracked & automatically shut down the big nuke reactor that was holding many, many more tons of nuclear fuel beyond what blew up at Chernobyl. It would have been a death zone for the most populated part of the United States on the East Coast. However, in the States, they issue many reports on earthquake damage at the nuke plants down to the very last cement fissure. Why don’t they take any accounting of the recent earthquake damage to the Fukushima reactors, if at all possible??? Isn’t that highly relevant to any possible sustained future containment???!

    What are they doing??? Don’t they have any commitment to mankind and the nation of Japan??? (errrrr!)

    Thanks for reading my gripes & questions, which, as a citizen of the world, I believe deserve ANSWERS!!!

  2. Maju says:

    Soil improvement? What’s that? Isn’t the same that the Russians did in Chernobyl: creating a layer that is in principle not penetrable by the corium, what prevents, in theory, the poluution of the water table?

    But, if so, isn’t already too late? Shouldn’t they have done that a year ago? Is it even possible at all to separate the reactor from the water table so close to the sea?

    • Longjohn says:

      What he means by soil improvement is like mudjacking because the foundation is tipping Right now one decent earthquake and the cooling pool comes tumbling down because the things they do to make building earthquake resistantdon’t work if the building’s weight is shifted towards one side even a little

      Plus they have to shore up the foundation to support the extra structures they are going to build around it.

      My gripe is Fall 2013!?!?!?! before the RC structure is complete (only the first step in getting the rods the heck out of there without creating more radioactive pollution) Cripes I’d still be nervous aboutit if they said Fall 2012

      Ya keep rolling those dice and sooner or later they come up snake eyes … And they have already come up snake eyes a couple of times ….

  3. Joe Chapman says:

    I think they had to remove a layer of permeable rock in order to build it if I remember rightly. Why would they be doing this under reactor 4 and not the others though?

    • Longjohn says:

      My educated guess would be because the other 3 have China Syndrome’d reactors and the last thing you want to do is expose the melted through fuel rods to air.

      Plus #4 is the only one that is tipping or at least tipping the worst. Plus that fuel pool catching fire is much more dangerous than all three melted down cores together because it holds about 10 reactor loads worth of fuel rods so it would be like 10 reactors melting down all at once …

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