Spectrum measurement of black substance

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Gamma spectrum of black substance was recorded.


This is a sample from Fukushima a 3g of… of “Black powder” is highly cumulated radioactive dirt contains a bunch of Cs134,137 and maybe other fission products like Pu,Am,Ra etc in some amount. I received a report it says just 60g or 100g of this recorded over 600,000 Becquerels/kg in the testing. In Minamisoma city Fukushima prefecture about 25 km from Fukushima Daiichi power plant there are over 1million to 3million Bqs/kg of this stuff has been finding already. This sample isn’t from Minamisoma. but it’s high enough radiation coming from. gives about 10000cpm on my Ludlum. calibration:14000cpm/usvh.




This video shows you the gamma spectrum of 3g of the black substance.

It is compared to other 2 samples, taken in Tokyo (1800Bq/Kg) and calibration sources of Cs137 (3700Bq/kg). When it measures the sample from Tokyo, it takes time to show the cesium peak, but when it measures black substance, the three peaks of cesium 134 and 137 appear immediately. It’s almost the same or faster than when it measures the calibration sources.
Roughly estimating, this 3g of sample may contain 4500Bq of cesium.
This is everywhere in Fukushima and children are stuck in such a place.



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