SFP4 over 55℃. Coolant system is still stopped.

Though Tepco stopped the water leakage, coolant system is still not back on. At the moment, they can’t estimate when they can recover it. Also, they estimated the temperature increases at 0.5℃/h, it’s increasing at over 1℃/h. It went up by 22℃ within 18 hours. Currently the temperature of SFP is 55℃.(10:00 JST) The safety limit is 65℃. At this pace, it will reach 65℃ about in 10 hours.

About the information disclosure, it is tweeted like these below


(Tweet of Ms. Tanioka, a member of the House of Councilors from The Democratic Party of Japan)

New information about SFP of reactor 4 from METI. The staff of METI is not being lazy, they are occupied to collect information about missile of North Korea.



(Mr. Kinoshita  Setagaya ward councilor)

The current situation of reactor 4. Today I called the customer center of Tepco at 9:25 4/13. The water leakage was stopped at 15:55  4/12, hydrazine leakage was stopped at 16:51 as well.However, now they are still investigating what caused it, coolant system is not recovered yet. Today’s press conference will be from 18:00.







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  2. Woodman says:

    Any update on the temperature of the fuel pool? Have they fixed the coolant leak?

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