Red forest appeared in Fukushima

Like in Chernobyl, red forest appeared in in Fukushima.

Red forest..

The Red Forest (Ukrainian: Рудий ліс, Russian: Рыжий лес), formerly the Worm Wood Forest, refers to the trees in the 10 km² surrounding the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. The name ‘Red Forest’ comes from the ginger-brown colour of the pine trees after they died following the absorption of high levels of radiation from the Chernobyl accident on April 26, 1986.[1] In the post-disaster cleanup operations, the Red Forest was bulldozed and buried in ‘waste graveyards’.[2] The site of the Red Forest remains one of the most contaminated areas in the world today.[3] [Link]

A Fukushima citizen found it to say,,


I’ve been here for 30 years, but I haven’t seen a pine tree withering.


1 of 15 trees are dead.


No sparrow.


Before 311, sparrows were tweeting every morning.


Everything has changed.


There is no even ant.


From 311 to April, Korean houttuynia withered too.


It was the first time in my life to see growing Korean houttuynia totally died.


↓ Fukushima red forest

red forest Fukushima





  1. Should not surprise anyone: Fukushima is like a huge Chernobyl without control. In Chernobyl they could eventually isolate the “monster”, even if provisionally and at the cost of many lives, but in Fukushima nothing of that is even possible, because the water table is just right there.

    Besides I do not have the feeling that either TEPCO nor the Japanese Government have ever taken the accident seriously at all. Maybe if they had recognized this as a new Chernobyl, they would have been able to do something about it… but they have been pretending it’s nothing. How criminal!

  2. I visited Tsukuba in Ibaraki in January and I saw lots of withered pine and azalea bushes. There were very few or no birds. I think the problem of dead nature extends all the way down to Tokyo at least and maybe further. It will take centuries for the land to recover. The best thing the government can do is to help all the people in Fukushima, Ibarai, Miyagi, Chiba, Tochigi leave as soon as possible. Tokyo should also be evacuated in stages. All the empty buildings should be taken away and green nature should be encouraged to return, clean water, forests, wildlife—it will take centuries. But after 100 years or 200 years, it will be nice there again, unless Global Climate Change has made the whole world into a huge desert, and then that isn’t the fault of Fukushima, is it…

    People have to accept that they have over-achieved at the expense of their own survival.

    1. TheJapanese have NOT over-achieved. if this were the case, fuckusshima would have been contended with and neutralized. there is overwhelming evidence that japan was attacked by dimona/israel for collaborating with iran to enrich the fuel for iranian reactors. japan was also threatened with an ‘earthquake” for denying the imf into the japan finance system during the 2009 kyoto meetings. your statement is absolute insulting to the japanese intelligence, and reprehensible in its arrogance.

  3. Anyone in the area, please take as many photos as you can to document the changes, upload them as you take them, put them on your social network sites, share images. The more the world is able to see the better, do not hide it! (general rule, abuse thrives on secrecy). To live there is no shame, it is a crime against humanity and those who are responsible for not evacuating the people should be made responsible. Get angry, people in those regions are subjected to torture by proxy! I might live in the other side of the planet but I am very angry about the conduct of the Japanese government and the nuclear power industry (in Japan and world wide). Please, get angry with us!

  4. I am NOT happy that the wall of lies and coveruos is finaly starting to unravel.
    Its to late as you putt it, so do I belive it is, we can ONLY minimaize the existing damage done and pray that the damages and deaths will be Low.

    I am afraind its the opositt, the Birth deformation numbers where sceary, and now I am just pissed.

    We warned you a year ago, butt it was driweled down, and we also warned you about That to.

    And now everybody is able to see it for them self.
    And I am afraid, Japan is done and Gone. A nation that will NEVER rise again, NEVER bee the same again. Even the moust of the Land will NEVER be habital again.
    That is a costly price for keaping some few Shearholder alive, isnt it, well thats the fu.. fact.

    And the only force that can actualy deal with this is the People of Japan.

    Wake up and kick asses.

    Butt even that is no comfort, its to late, we still dont have a solid sustaiable solution on anything regarding Fukushima, and soon the site will be Off Limit due to Radiation.

    Everything looks Grimm, butt it can be reduced, butt that again recuires Evac and medics.

    China is probably the only contry capable(gosth towns) and also have the Housding that is recuired to take the worst cases, and the rest must be internaly relockated to “soft spots” inside Japan.

    Time is essense and this sould be implemented as soon as practicaly possible or the price will rise, for every week that passes.


  5. I saw the same thing in south of France after Tchernobyl. The pine trees facing the wind near the coast became all brown. I’m 50 years old and I never see this before Tchernobyl. My mother died a few years later from cancer.

  6. I believe that there may be local hotspots over all the world. This summer I was walking in woods near to where I live (Norway), and I observed the same thing – in patches. Some of the evergreen trees were also orange/red. I have photographs somewhere.

  7. Dear Brother,
    Every day i pray for you & Japanese people who are innocent & also left in the dark about the unfolding tragedy of the melt downs…All that You write is true, and has been observed before…for other nuke meltdowns. I saw millions of Pines do this also after TMI in ’79 (they said it was acid rain-it was not..)i was in Northern Maine, onthe border w/ Canada…
    same in ’86…People who are “close” to the land, like Farmers, Nature Lovers…know what is happening–it’s serious–They know because they observe the environment all the time!!The horrific results of this Extinction Level Event, will be hard to hide much longer & i am truly sorry for the “American” Governments’/U.N. lack of response & care & also active media black out on Japan’s Melt-downs…This is the coldest, most pathological Administration, ever. Radioactive Isotopes of all sorts “enhance” and fungi is the “first responder” thus, the black fungus, etc will take over…and also become radioactive, mutating monstrously.Animals will just disappear; insects too…like bees & butterflies…
    Are there super-sized mushrooms yet? Avoid them as they all soak up rads, too.
    This ELE is affecting the Whole World now & there is no turning back.
    Please know that Your work is important but everyone in Japan is at Ground Zero; not just 20 k.!!! This is the Terrible Truth; the Industry is insane & so are those who keep the LIEs [Lethal Isotope Emissions] going. We Heart You!

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