Nitrogen injection stopped again

Tepco sent another emergency email to the journalists at 04:18:37JST 4/13/2012.

件名: 【東京電力からのご連絡】福島第一原子力発電所窒素封入装置の停止と復旧について
日時: 2012年04月13日 04:18:37JST









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At 1:00 of 4/13/2012, Tepco staff found the amount of nitrogen to inject was decreased at reactor 1 ~3.
At 1:30 of 4/13/2012, Tepco staff confirmed nitrogen injection equipment was automatically stopped because it was alarmed that the air compressor went out of order at 1:04.
At 3:10, nitrogen injection was restarted by using another nitrogen injection equipment. At 3:46, reactor 1 ~ 3 got the injection recovered.





  1. In my opinion the Tokai accident in 1999 was a prognostic of what can happen in Japan and also gave the reasson why but because it was of local range nobody really cared about.

    On the otherside I’m not sure what I should think about invocations for evacuation. Even before the Fukushima the people dropped dead like flies from cancer. People get cancer and suffer horribly every day from the clothing they wear, the food the eat, the furniture the sit, the air they breath, the water they drink, the things they touch, the bed thet sleep, in fact from everything produced with the usual low ethical standards nowadays.

    This is no secret knowledge and despite this fact nobody cares. Why somebody should care about additional cancer from Fukushima?? What changed in Japan or even in the world? Nothing.

    It isn’t all about radiation and the real problem is indeed a different and a far more deeper & complicated one.

    Even if somebody evacuates the probability in our time to get some cancer for other reasons is quite high with or without Fukushima.

    After Fukushima somebody maybe won’t get cancer from the chemicals used to finish his cozy sofa, the carcinogenic Jeans he wore 10 years ago or from the toothpaste he used yesterday because plutonium will finish him beforehand. Isn’t it great?

    Your Government know this. In fact everybody knows it.

    Maybe we should start an democratic movement and demand the constitutional right to to choose from what we would like to get cancer. 😉

    As for the genetic damage there is a possitive outlook! As the most of us know there isn’t that much DNA which let us differ from apes which means that after some generations we wil volutarily catapult us to the place we belong and make space for something new and hopefully more valuable than the human race.

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