Koriyama board of education stops decontamination of schools

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Prof. Yamauchi Tomoya from Kobe university confessed the board of education of Koriyama city stops decontamination, on the radio show MBS Tanemaki journal. (Assistant professor Koide from Kyoto university regularly talks on this radio show as well.)

It was recorded on 4/30.

He is an expert of decontamination. On the radio show, he talked his experience when he went to a kindergarten and elementary school of Koriyama city to assist decontamination but the board of education stopped him from decontaminating. The reason was not talked.


He also added, the safety limit is 0.23μSv/h. If it goes over 0.23μSv/h, local government must decontaminate the school areas, but actually it was difficult to find somewhere less than 0.23μSv/h though it was after decontamination.

Contaminated soil was already removed and new soil was added, but places surrounding the playground of elementary school or kindergarten are still highly contaminated, radiation comes over the playground. If those severely contaminated areas are not owned by schools, it is impossible to decontaminate it.

Children are still living there.


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