JP Gov to restart the construction of 2 nuclear plants


Japanese government is not going to shut down nuclear plants.

They approved the construction of 2 more nuclear plants in Aomori and Shimane.

On 9/15/2012, Edano, Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry had a meeting with Aomori governor and headmen of local governments in Aomori city and approved the construction and restart of nuclear plants in Oma (Aomori) and Shimane nuclear plant.
It’s unit3 that they are going to restart the construction in Shimane nuclear plant. Oma nuclear plant belongs to J-power (construction progress 37.6%) , Shimane nuclear plant belongs to The Chugoku Electric Power Co.,Inc. (construction progress 93.6%)

Those constructions have been stopped since 311. This will be the first restart of construction of nuclear plants since Fukushima accident.
Japanese government decided on 9/14/2012 to phase out nuclear power completely sometime in the 2030s, approving a “massive” shift in national energy policy 18 months after the Fukushima Daiichi plant disaster spurred strong public opposition to nuclear power in the earthquake-prone nation.

The target means the world’s third-largest industrial economy has set a goal of eliminating an energy source that prior to the March 2011 Fukushima disaster provided about 30 percent of Japan’s electricity. Before the disaster, the nation had planned to boost the role of nuclear energy.

The policy turnaround comes after Germany and Switzerland decided to phase out nuclear power and Italy decided to drop a plan to reintroduce nuclear power in the wake of the Fukushima disaster.

However, because they are going to allow these newly constructed nuclear plants to run for 40 years, they will be generating power until 2050s, which contradicts 2030 policy.

The construction of Higashi dori nuclear plant in Aomori has also been stopped since 311 as well, which belongs to Tepco. Edano is pending the approval to restart the construction to comment Tepco is not ready to have a discussion about the restart.

In total, there are 12 plans to build new nuclear plants in Japan.

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Français :

Le gouvernement japonais relance la construction de 2 centrales nucléaires

Le gouvernement japonais ne va pas abandonner le nucléaire.

Ils ont approuvé la construction de 2 centrales nucléaires de plus, à Aomori et Shimane.

Le 15 septembre 2012, M. Edano, ministre de l’Économie, du Commerce et de l’Industrie a eu une réunion avec le gouverneur d’Aomori et les chefs des autorités dans la ville d’Aomori et a approuvé la construction et le redémarrage des centrales nucléaires d’Oma (Aomori) et Shimane.

Dans la centrale nucléaire de Shimane, ils vont relancer la construction de l'(unité 3. La centrale nucléaire d’Oma appartient à J-power (construction avancée à 37,6 %) , la centrale nucléaire de Shimane appartient à Chugoku Electric Power Co.,Inc. (construction avancée à 93,6 %).

Ces constructions sont arrêtées depuis le 11-3-2011. Ce sera le premier redémarrage de chantiers de construction de centrales nucléaires depuis l’accident de Fukushima.

Le 14 septembre 2012, le gouvernement japonais a décidé d’arrêter complètement le nucléaire pour 2030, approuvant ainsi un changement “radical” de la politique énergétique nationale, 18 mois après que la catastrophe de la centrale de Fukushima Daiichi ait suscité, dans cette nation encline aux séismes, une forte opposition populaire contre le nucléaire.

Ce but signifie que la troisième plus grande économie industrielle mondiale se donne pour objectif d’éliminer une source d’énergie qui représentait 30 pour cent de la fourniture d’électricité du Japon avant la catastrophe de Fukushima de mars 2011. Avant la catastrophe, la nation avait prévu de renforcer le rôle de son énergie nucléaire.

Le virage sur cette politique arrive après que, dans le sillage de la catastrophe de Fukushima, l’Allemagne et la Suisse aient décidé de sortir du nucléaire et que l’Italie ait rejeté un projet de réintroduction du nucléaire.

Toutefois, puisqu’ils vont autoriser le fonctionnement de ces nouvelles centrales pendant 40 ans, elles vont fournir de l’électricité jusque dans les années 2050, ce qui est en contradiction avec leur politique d’abandon pour 2030.

La construction de la centrale nucléaire d’Higashi dori dans Aomori, qui appartient à Tepco, a aussi été stoppée après le 11-3. M. Edano est en attente de l’approbation du redémarrage de sa construction pour pouvoir dire que Tepco n’est pas prête à négocier le redémarrage.

Au total, il y a 12 projets de nouvelles centrales nucléaires au Japon.

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  1. Shame on humanity, so Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Fukushima didn’t give sufficient lesson to these men. Stupidity seems without limit.

    It is very sad news and the very right time to protest firmly. Just because the underlining message is : don’t worry anyway everything is ok guys, we say through this act that everybody is fine with or without radioactivity… so let’s go on and strengthen denial.

    Japanese please fight and say you first want ANTIDOTES to radioactivity, then WASTE disposals for this stuff that is financially and technically settled so that coming generations will have no expense and no problem with it. This way, it means the underlining message is don’t be dirty, because up to now it is dirty and we will not let you avoid this. Beside that, we know Japan as an economic state is dying.

    Please ask how much is the COST just to fix Fukushima-Daichi, why have we never been speaking of this amount openly?…

    JAPANESE GO IN THE STREETS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. It is truly amazing that Japan could go forward when they already know for sure there is no permanent nuclear waste depository, and that the plants cannot take earthquakes without breaking coolant pipes. They will be using the same insane system as in the US with the same faulty reactor designs. Spent fuel will still be sitting in water pools like the one that blew up at unit 3 spreading plutonium all over the place. How can Japan continue building these things when they immediately begin to melt down as soon as coolant is interrupted? When neither Tepco or GE has ever devised a simple system of radiation suppression in the case of a meltdown, similar to a shop having a bucket of sand on hand for fires? Why is it Tepco can be allowed to commit criminal negligence and still be given the right to permanently contaminate and pollute our sacred lands? What is the matter with these six sigma officials that they have no concern for the environment or human beings? I will tell you one thing, Tepco and all their crooked associates are in the process of being put out on the dustbin of history as some of the worst traitors to humanity that ever walked the planet. We will not forget your lies. Bury Daiichi!

  3. It would be one thing if Japan was intent on destroying itself and it’s own people. Unfortunately, they also seem intent on jeapordizing the entire human population. Would you like a definition of madness and human folly? You’ve found it – It’s called Japan.

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