Day wage of Fukushima worker is 2000~3000 yen

Following up this article..Possible melt-out in Fukushima Daini

Mr. Suzuki also comments about the current wage of Fukushima workers. The interview was taken in the beginning of 2012.

鈴木 ただね、東電はいまだに「危険手当」を出していないから。東電がそれを出しちゃうと、フクイチが危険だと認めたことになるわけだから、協力企業が作業員に出していたわけ。でも今や日当は2,000円~3,000円ぐらいにまで下がってきているし、協力会社も経営が苦しくなって今後原発から撤退する企業が増えていくでしょう。

When you were in Fukushima, workers were paid very well and they got expensive cars, didn’t they ?

Mr. Suzuki
but Tepco still doesn’t pay risk perquisite. If they pay that, it means Tepco admits Fukushima is in danger, so subcontract companies pay their workers risk perquisite.
However, now the day wage is only 2000~3000 yen. Those subcontract companies will withdraw from Fukushima not being able to make profit.





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