Possible melt-out in Fukushima Daini

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Mr. Suzuki suggests the possibility of melt-out in Fukushima Daini in his book.



Fukushima Daini, 2F as they call, is very mysterious. Something must have happened there.


2F is that contaminated.


There are 4 reactors in 2F and all of them stopped. Coolant system is properly working and the temperature is stable, but it’s only reactor 4 to have been recovered. Collecting comments of subcontract companies, I asked about the contamination situation to Tepco workers. They turned to be helpless.



“Yes, true.. I wonder why it’s so contaminated. The operation floor on the top and concrete shielding plug are unbelievably contaminated. Water is even in pedestal (=The room under pressure vissel).”




A retired employee of an electric company said, “If water is in pedestal, it means pressure vessel had excessive pressure. Control rod or pipes are severely damaged. The bottom of the reactor is broken through. Like Fukushima Dai ichi, it is rational to think there was a hydrogen explosion.”

Toshiba planned to enter reactor 3 it the end of December, but they didn’t.


After Hitachi went into reactor 4 in the end of August, the rumor spread that reactor may have exploded.


Media tried to report but they couldn’t confirm.


Only few plant workers know the current situation. 2F looks normal but


Subcontract companies to work around the vessel all say it’s suspicious.


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