“Don’t play in the park for longer than 1 hour a day”

Following up this article..Death marathon again

In Fukushima, these notices are put at parks.

Fukushima citizen tweeted





"Don't play in the park for longer than 1 hour a day"2



Children used to play on this green belt. Now I don’t see anyone playing here but a lot of students pass here to go to school. Are they ok ?



For everyone to use this park.

Because of the radiation, please be aware of these points.

  • Don’t play in the park for longer than 1 hour a day.
  • After coming home, wash your hands and face, and make sure to gargle.
  • Don’t put soil or sand into your mouth.


Fukushima city parks and green division

Tel +81-525-3765




"Don't play in the park for longer than 1 hour a day"



5 mins from the previous part I posted about. The same notice.











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8 Responses to ““Don’t play in the park for longer than 1 hour a day””

  1. kintaman says:

    How can they say do not play in the park for longer than 1 hour? This only takes into account external exposure. What about inhalation while playing there? This would lead to permanent internal contamination. Very stupid.

    • Andrew Spagnoli says:

      Don’t worry …. it says to gargle, and don’t put the dirt in your mouth. Maybe if I use a mouthwash to gargle I could investigate Fukushima safely from up close.

      Sheesh…. gargle they say…

  2. whither shall we go? says:

    Hey, at least they have a sign….SINCE NO ONE HAS ANY COMMON SENSE THERE-!!!?

  3. Martin Swift says:

    @kintaman: I presume they can advise not to play there for more than one hour based on measurements. Internal contamination is only permanent if one ingests radioactive materials that don’t leave the body.

    The responsible authorities can always do more to educate people and provide access to information about radioactivity and its nature, but assuming the worst isn’t a very sensible alternative to getting objective information.

    @whither: Not sure what you’re really getting at, but there really isn’t any such thing as “common sense”, in particular when it comes to radioactivity. Our natural senses are unable to perceive anything but very high doses of radiation and popular culture is riddled with misconceptions about the phenomenon.

    Education is the answer, and signs then become a useful tool in assessing danger.

    Near a glacier in my home country, there is a sign warning tourists not to head out onto the glacier without proper gear and to consider taking a guide. Many Icelanders would consider this “common sense” because (they think) they know the dangers. Those unaware of the dangers will not. That’s why there is a sign.

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