Time restriction to play outside will be lifted in Koriyama

Following up this article..“Don’t play in the park for longer than 1 hour a day”

Public elementary school and junior high school in Koriyama Fukushima is going to lift the regulation to restrict the playing time outside to be shorter than one hour, announced by Koriyama city board of education.
The restriction (1 hour outside for PE, 2 hours outside for club activity)started from last May. It is planned to be ended as of next coming April.

The board of education explains they confirmed it’s become safe because decontamination such as removing the surface soil at play grounds made the atmospheric dose 0.2μSv/h at average.

新学期から制限解除 郡山市、小中校の屋外活動
(2012/03/25 10:17)



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