Beginning of the 13 th month of 2011


Just after 311 ,I didn’t know what to do. The only thing I knew was I can no longer trust the gov and NHK.
A friend of mine told me there is a group “Tokyo Radioactive Now” on facebook. On that group ,I saw the thing called geiger counter for the first time in my life.

It was about 3/14. Mostly ,the reading was about 0.25 microSv/h. The admin ,who is a doctor ,kept posting it’s not the level to escape.
but when I saw the Japanese government and Tepco giving water to the heating reactors ,I came up with a question,”where the water goes ?”. and wind blew from North to South. That was obvious that our food will be contaminated and we would breathe hot particles into the lungs.
I posted “Don’t we need to evacuate ?” The admin removed my post and sent me the message like this ,”Don’t spread the panic.” but officially he said ,”I only post INFORMATION. It’s up to you how to judge the situation from that.”
5 months later ,I found his post on youtube. It was when he was measuring radiation in his balcony.said ,”I felt my feet shaking to read the counter.I thought we needed to evacuate.”

I dare to say ,he was evil.

+ There can not be information without purpose.

+ He just did not want everyone around him to leave.

I officially resent him. If he didn’t say it was safe ,I would have evacuated. If I die ,it’s him to blame partially.

Since then ,all the information I give is to mean “Evacuate Japan”.
It’s going to be 10 months since 311 soon. but still nothing has been improved.
It’s not the time to celebrate 2012. It will be severer this year. and it will be even severer in 2013.

I often receive messages to ask what to do ?
My answer is always ,Evacuate.

Some people believe in petition or demonstration. but I don’t.
Since 311 ,nothing has been changed even by hundreds of the petitions or demonstrations.
Don’t wait until “everyone” moves. It’s only you to save yourself.

I don’t think we can except any help from human right associations or governments ,especially america.
More or less ,all of them are the stakeholders of nuclear industrial companies. Why would they pay money to damage their own business ?
so don’t believe anyone.

I have been fighting to arm you with all the knowledge.

There seem to be 2 categories of the readers.
1. People who want to evacuate Japan but can’t because of their husband / boy friend ,or too much furniture and property to sell.

2. People who are concerned about the situation from outside of Japan.

If you tell me what you want to know through a comment ,I’ll try to search and post it on the you can fight against your stubborn husband or family members.

Rationally thinking ,it is clear that all the nuclides such as plutonium ,uranium ,americium ,strontium ,and sure cesium and iodine are already in Tokyo or south Japan.
There is no safe place even in west Japan or south Japan because they secretly distribute radioactive debris ,and contaminated food is distributed everywhere.
If everyone evacuates Tokyo and Japan as I say ,the world economy will start getting collapsed from Japan.
but only if you survive and stay healthy ,you can rebuild anything. Nothing comes above your life and health.

Everyday ,new fact comes up.
Low dose symptom shows up sooner than we ever thought, cancer is only a tiny part of all the potential problems. and self-proclaimed experts are nothing but liars. They are as ignorant as average people.

To answer your questions about the situation and evacuation ,I’m planning to put a live chat box on the blog. will update it on a post soon.

Even in Chernobyl ,it took 3~5 years for people to have health problems. but in Japan,because Fukushima used MOX ,people are starting to have problems way sooner. I was one of them. It’s been about 2 weeks since I left Japan ,and now I’m finally starting to notice that I had so many health problems.

I had it until I came to Vienna. It was once a week in summer ,but became twice and three times a week as time passed.
When I came here and ate yogurt ,my stomach made noise and started rolling. but the next day ,it became so much better.
In Japan ,I couldn’t drink since 311. I had severe stomachache every time I drank. I have been in the toilet for 2 hours when I went out for a drink. I didn’t vomit. It was just a severe and prompt diarrhea. Now I feel as if it was all lies.
They kept saying it was just irritable bowel syndrome like an idiot not to know any other names of the symptoms. I haven’t had irritable bowel syndrome since I was a child. if it was,now it must be so much worse to come to the other side of the world,in a completely different culture. but actually,my stomach is honest. Now it has no problem whatever I eat or drink.

2.Sore throat.
In the beginning of November ,I got a sore throat. It didn’t become better at all and I couldn’t stop coughing from late November until I left Japan. I took medicine to stop coughing,but my coughing became too bad ,I had to double dose in December. I always had a side effect of cotton mouth. Sometimes I couldn’t even sleep because of coughing. Like diarrhea ,they told me it was because of the dry weather like idiot. Here ,it’s so much more dry. At least it hasn’t rained since I came here. and the wind is strong. but I do not cough at all . Of course no sore throat.
For my work ,I had to go to a construction areas twice or three times a week since September. As you can imagine ,construction area is very dusty and dirty. I was afraid of breathing and touching hot particles. Of course I wore N95 and gloves ,but I think probably it caused the symptom.FYI , I went to construction areas even before 311 but had never had sore throat or coughing.

I learnt ,when they say it’s because of the stress ,it’s always a lie.
I was on the plane for about 18 hours from Japan,and on the train for almost 24 hours after I landed on Europe. No one can speak Japanese ,and there are few people to speak English. I don’t have money either. but soon as I left Japan ,I feel my body recovers quicker than when I was in Japan. I remembered that I was this “young” before 311. I was always tired and slightly depressed in Japan. but now ,I’m normal as I used to be.

4.Eye sight.
I didn’t notice it until last week.
On the train from the airport to this house , I had to sleep in a compartment of the train. I took off my glasses. I couldn’t focus on anything. I thought that was because I was tired. It happened when I was in Japan too. I thought it was because I faced the PC too long.
but now I face the PC as long as when I was in Japan. but I don’t have the irritating feeling to see something white coming into my eye sight. In Japan ,every time I had the feeling ,I took off the glasses and washed them. but I couldn’t even focus on my hands. After all ,my right eye sight was losing its sight. I suspect it’s from the nerve damaged.

This is what I felt in Chiba. I departed from Narita airport. They measured 10microSv/h from the train seat (Sobu line) to go to the airplane and Chiba is a hotspot. I didn’t think I’d have a symptom that quick.
The morning when I finally left the apartment was very busy. I was living there until the very last day but the apartment maintenance company was supposed to come on mid day. Though I threw away most of the things but still I had to take away curtains ,lights ,hoover etc by waking up early in the morning. It was busy before I left there too ,I had to find a company to take away the electric appliances etc..(It cost 30,000JPY after all) so I fell asleep on the train to go to Narita airport. At first I thought that was because I was sleepy and tired to feel dizzy when I arrived at the hotel.
but it started becoming a strange feeling. not a normal dizziness ,but it was like neurosis ,depression ,and feverish. I couldn’t focus on anything and easily forgot about something.
The next morning ,I took the bus from the hotel to the airplane and checked in. but the airline staff told me to reduce the luggage. She said ,my suitcase weighed 30kg. I can take two of the 23kg suitcases but not 30kg. I opened the suitcase in the airport. I opened an emergency hand bag and put 4kg of stuff into it ,but threw away 3kg of stuff. Shoganai. and I went back to the receptionist. It was already 10 minutes before the checkin deadline time. She said ,she made a mistake. I can take 30Kg of suitcase.
I wasn’t bothered so I decided to get on the plane without picking up my stuff from the garbage box.

but this wasn’t the end. I went to the toilet.and I left my passport and plane ticket there for some reason. Luckily, a security stuff found it before someone stole it and had the receptionist call my name. Believe it or not ,I haven’t lost anything in public since I left my little poach when I was 5 years old. I’m a careful type of person.sometimes too much. I was pretty shocked at myself.
This is a very vague type of symptom. It’s easy to say ,I was just tired or simply stupid. but amnesia is a frequently observed symptom in Chernobyl ,especially where the dose is low. In those areas ,attention-deficit disorder of children are reported. Schools have to shorten the class time from 40mins to 30mins etc..

6.Pain in the left chest.

I work out a little every morning. I thought that was a muscle pain of the chest. I sometimes skipped it or tried stretch ,but it didn’t become better. However I never thought it was the heart. I was pushing and massaging the muscle of the chest.

Having been carrying the heavy suitcase from Japan,and work out every morning.but the pain went away somewhere since I came here. It was my heart damaged by cesium. I’m feared to think if  stayed in Japan for any longer.It might be connected to fatigue.
I might be sensitive. but some people had nosebleed on 3/12 in Tokyo as well.

The potential crisis is

1) Spent fuel pool of reactor4.

The spent fuel pool of reactor4 is still hung by the steel pipes like Harry Potter.As a M4.5 hit offshore of Fukushima on 1/1/2012 8:31 GMT ,aftershock still keeps hitting Japan. The pool may drop on the ground by only one aftershock. Like Mr.Koide of Kyoto university warns, the entire area around Tokyo will not be habitable in that case.

2) Hydrovolcanic explosion at reactor 1~3.

Even if you are not Sherlock Holmes ,it’s obvious that nuclear fuel is still somewhere in the reactors. Now it is a widely accepted idea that fuel is melting earth. Mr.Koide assumes it may stop at 5~6m deep underground ,but as he admits himself ,it’s not an assumption based on a scientific facts. In short ,no one has ever experienced this. and it’s happening at 3 reactors at once.
Because the reactors are beside the sea ,it’s also obvious that there are lot of water underground vein running under the reactor. I find it strange that still none of the hydrovolcanic explosions have happened.or it may have happened but still been concealed.

Also ,as long as you stay in Japan ,you must be aware of these risks,wherever you are in Japan.

1) Radioactive debris.

Ministry of environment is secretly negotiating with local governments to distribute the debris.So far ,most of the west Japanese local governments are hesitating to accept it but they may be corrupted anytime. Once they accepted ,they incinerate it with normal facility. They don’t have proper filters and actually rare gas nuclides can not be stopped by filters. They will incinerate it with no notice.

2) Contaminated food and water.

Wherever you go in Japan,food chases after you. Supermarket chains,food distributers ,restaurant chains ,they are all supplied with contaminated food equally in Japan. and Fukushima beef ,rice ,and other food is popular because it’s cheap. Of course radiation does not stop on the boarder of Fukushima like human. Ibaraki ,Chiba ,Tochigi ,they are all contaminated and vegetables are observed to grow huge this season. You absolutely mustn’t eat sea food and mushroom. The wind in March spread cesium even to Kyushu. Rice from Kyushu might be safer than Fukushima rice ,but still you should not have it constantly. Cesium is stocked in your body.
Water is contaminated as well. At water purifying facility ,they still measure Iodine131 in Tokyo. Even if you use filter ,tritium (H30) can’t be filtered. It causes severe health problems around nuclear plants in US. It comes into your body from eyes and ears too. It’s not only the matter when you drink water.

3) Dust.

Radionuclides taken from food will be pushed out ,but if you breathe it into your lungs ,it can never get out as C.Busby warns.Tiny amount of dust on a street gutter has tens of thousand of cesium and also strontium at least in Tokyo. Wind blows it up and you easily breathe it.

The reason why you need to evacuate before February.

Cesium pollen will fly. Trees absorb cesium from the soil and it’s condensed in the pollen. They measure cesium from the trees even in Tokyo. Of course pollen comes from Fukushima too. Now self-proclaimed experts say ,you don’t breathe no less than 1kg,so it doesn’t matter. They also say ,only if you wear a mask ,it can stop it. Additionally ,Japan Meteorological Agency states ,pollen of 2012 will be less than usual. They are all trying to stop “panic” again. What it means is ,pollen is a major risk.
I have been suffering from hay fever since when I was 12. From my experience ,you can not stop pollen even if you wear a mask. That’s only to hide your snot and red nose. As I stated above, once you breathe it into your lungs ,it can never be taken out.
Pollen start flying from December to May. The peak is from February to March. The sooner the better.

At the end,

Some people seem to think I’ll be off from blogging because I’m in a safe place. but actually I won’t. As I said before ,this blog is made of rage. Until I kill all the nuclear mafia and let people out ,I won’t stop.
New year came but nothing’s improved since 311. Severer symptoms will appear. It will be harder and harder. However ,the worst risk is people’s neglect. Please do know this is just the beginning.
Especially west coast of US and Canada are exposed to the high risk because US government is concealing all the information. I recommend you to keep away from the sea and keep your eyes opened all the time.
If you stay in Japan,please be aware that you are already exposed. Your body already has radionuclide.The only thing we can do is try not to take it anymore.and pray for god or beer or something.

  1. Agree with most of what you say in this post except that it is possible to have symptoms of low-level dose contamination AND to experience somatic disorders at the same time. Most likely, everything that improves suddenly is probably somatic whereas lingering issues may be caused by some other factors, including radiation. Actually your symptoms could be all from somatic origin and you – and I – could die from Fukushima-related factors in ten years or less, without any symptom now. The other issue is that Europe, and US, are not nuclear-clean as you’ll find out soon – but maybe Austria is better than other countries. Glad that you feel better there!

    1. “except that it is possible to have symptoms of low-level dose contamination AND to experience somatic disorders at the same time.”
      >Why ???

          1. yes i`m alright … so many thanks for your advice!!!! burning rubbles and contaminated debris! yes sooner or later it would be done here.. i`m getting worst day by day…

            1. I know! I was really sick in Japan too,but I was also getting used to it. Scary.
              will put a chat box on the blog so I can anser more questions. looking forward to having it on here.

      1. First let me remind us that I don’t subscribe to the pro-nuclear stance that these disorders are purely psychological:smiling of course does not protect anyone from the effects of radiation.
        However some real disorders can be caused by stress, including the weakening of the immune system. These disorders are not simulated and not really controllable :although a positive thinking is generally desirable, it may have no effect.
        The problem is that the symptoms for stress-induced disorders and low-level dose contamination are similar, at the extreme a subject could die from a heart attack in both cases given the context and initial condition.
        In the case of radio-contamination, it takes time for the body to get rid of it, as it is a physical, organic process. We may die, from any cause, before the process is completed. In the case of a somatic disorder, once the stress is gone, it only takes the normal time for the disease to heal.
        Both causes can exist and feed each other, so removing the stress, i.e. getting away is a good start – but how far depends on each individual perceived danger zone.
        Why does the body react like this?Nobody knows, a survival trait maybe. Nevertheless it is real, maybe you’d be interested in reading about PTSD, etc.

        1. Generally speaking ,I think stress is overrated. Improving health gives you positive thinking and positive thinking helps your immune system ,I think it’s synergy effect.
          I tried to have as much milk product as possible soon as I arrived at Vienna. I am sure it fixed my diarrhea. For the rest of all ,I must say ,please experience it by yourself.
          but my friend had a sore throat only in one day when he got to Fukushima. The same thing can happen backward.

  2. Have you ever heard of the manga, Coppelion? I read it a few months ago and thought the nuclear meltdown described in it was disturbingly similar to what happened in reality. The story started out interesting, but degraded into a typical “battle manga.” The anime version has been indefinitely delayed, of course. Anyway, I found it interesting that in fiction, people are smart enough to evacuate. In reality, they sit around pretending that nothing’s wrong.

    When people are no longer able to deny the reality of nuclear meltdown, what will happen? Will they admit they were wrong and turn on those who led them to their deaths? Or will those liars manage to escape with their riches, at the cost of everyone else’s lives?

    I’d really like to travel into the future and look back on history to see how people will interpret our current events. That is, assuming that we still have a future.

  3. Dear Lori, I admire your work in bringing the truth out very much. I only discovered your diary yesterday but have been reading it and am so glad you are away from Japan now and starting to feel better again. Why did you go to Vienna? Speaking good English I would have thought you would come here to the UK. Its a good opportunity to learn a new language in Europe though.
    Good luck with everything, keep up the good work, and best wishes from Samantha in UK

    1. Thank you ,and nice to meet you. UK is one of the options all the time ,but they were not the best friendly country for immigrants especially for this emergency 😀
      Good luck and happy new year.

  4. Vision problems and chest pain affected me too after 3/11. Vision in my right eye blurred slightly in October. Doctors in Seoul found a hemorrhage in the vitreous humor. Since then, the problem has diminished, but slight blurriness persists. Chest pain in August diminished after a few days.

  5. Thank you for being brave and please keep on doing what you do … don’t listen to the nay-sayers, don’t listen to their insults … time will prove you right and then they will shut up.

    I am in South Korea and have seen things get worse here too (albeit not as drastically as in Japan)

    Keep safe and try and get your health back, the world needs REAL people like you!!!

    btw: your blog along with, and is the first thing I look at every morning just after having gotten up.

    keep on going, there are many who are WITH YOU!


  6. I am happy you looked carefully at your health behavior and find so valuable you share it.

    I am sure it will help, but stuborns have always some ways to avoid truth. I am convinced psychology has it’s roots in the bowels. If the body is overloaded, psychology begins to have failures. Too much old thinking, even in alternative therapies, that emotions and psychology are rulers. It is the case only when body is clean, that is why removing toxins and miasms is the first thing to do! Look at ayurveda, chinese medicine, homeopathy closely… As we are globally really very overloaded from all types of poisons and old toxines, the body is the ruler because he is the one struggling.

    I do consider your symptoms as related to radiation.

    Symptoms too appear when the body is overloaded. The body is very quick to work. Do not get confused : radiation is not quick, it’s as it is, the amount itself is determining. How the body can manage it, that is important. Young adult body has full strength to detoxifie quickly, children have less. Both have enormous amounts of vitality to reach a balance through all sorts of adaptation and compensations.

    Lung cells and cardiac cells have a slow turnover. That means they get totally changed slowly in time, but bowel’s cells get renewed in three days! That is why it is fastly out of the body. But i’m sure it goes away from the lungs, but obviously has plenty of time to distrbute radiations, which’s effects may last through overloading the cells capacity to repair.

    I believe you should eat pectine powder to unload cesium of your heart and muscles. It’s cheap, find it in supermarket, usually used to make jam. 5g per day was given to Chernobyl children and was proved to be quite effective compared to control group. Along with spirulina and antioxydants.

    Milk products may bee used if you feel so, but you should not stay to long with this. Actually in Europe it has Iodine 131, and Cesium from Chernobyl and Fukushima in a concentrated portion. Of course much less than in Japan now. Be extremely careful on the long term with this! Was ok “in the (g)olden days”, now it gets damaging really quite powerfully, sorry about it.

    Dear Japanese abroad, please take care

  7. For those who do not leave, taking extra anti-oxidant vitamins will help protect from both stress and radiation.

    Vitamins C about 1 gram a day and E about 1000 IU a day for anti-oxidant (fights the ionization effect of radiation)

    Vitamin A about 20,000 IU a day for stress and healing of damage.

    Zinc Gluconate for healing.

    To fight the body absorbing and using the isotopes a good mineral supplement should be used. I like ConcenTrace.

  8. The people really following Fuku outside Japan are small in number. Many are in denial or don’t want to know. I admit the Fuku news is depressing I switch between ‘the truth will set you free’ and ‘ignorance is bliss’. Went out with some blissful friends today. Fuku is a no fly zone. But I have to admit I felt better after being out with them. My wife now asks ‘anything positive to report?’ The problem I have is how to protect my kids. I am amazed most parents here (Vancouver) still feeding kids lots of dairy. Maybe optimism is a human disease?

  9. I am greatful to read this and everything else about this very serious problem. I wish I could help, how have you experienced relations with the U.S. are they receptive to immigration of Japanese?

    1. Thank you very much. For America, people like me are really unacceptable because I speak the truth.

  10. Thank you so much for this great, informative website.

    I was living in Japan at the time of the earthquake in Saitama Prefecture. We were warned to not go out into the rain a few days after the earthquake and explosions at the reactors because of radiation.

    I was lucky enough to leave Japan 5 days after the disaster last year. It was the scariest time in my life. My Japanese friends told me to not trust the Government and I’m glad that I could leave.

    I’m also sad that I can’t go back to Japan because I had planned to live there forever as I have studied Japanese for 11 years and enjoyed my time in Tokyo and Saitama.

    I have sent some friends the link to your website and they are happy that someone is so brave to post this information.

    Thank you very much

  11. Also, you are always welcome to come to New Zealand, where I live now, if you are worried about people coming after you to question you!

    It is very safe down here!

  12. Dear Mochizuki
    I must state that the problem for Japan is much greater than Fukishima. The danger of a large hydrovolcanic explosion is obvious. The results of such an explosion are not so obvious. It is comparable, and related, to the real problem facing Japan: complete collapse of the island support beam and pillars. In other words the very real probability of Japan being completely submerged. This either from another massive quake or hydrovolcanic explosion of massive scale. Evacuate now if you want to live. If not then at least take your sea vegetables and B vitamins every day so you may endure in health as long as possible. Please, Japanese, evacuate now.
    There is lots of new construction of apartments and condos in Toronto. You are welcome here. Many Japanese here already as well as South Koreans. Sayonara.

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