3/12 NHK “(Whisper) Don’t read this draft about exposed fuel rods.”

3/12/2011, On NHK mid noon news, director stopped an announcer reading the news about exposed fuel rod assemblies.

An NHK reporter Nomura Masaiku announced,

“At 11:40 on 3/12/2011, fuel rod assemblies are exposed about 90 cm above the pool of reactor 1. It is really a dangerious situation. Currently Tepco is planning to give 27,000 tones of water by using pomp for fire extinction etc. I’ll repeat..”

At this moment, on 0:45 on this video, the announcer stops and the mike catches the voice of director to say,

“They say you mustn’t read this draft..”

Though he said “I’ll repeat,” he started to announcing about different issue after the disturbance.

After 4/4/2011, this announcer was sent to a local NHK station in Fukuoka from Tokyo central studio.



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