Hurry up !

I thought that I was going to have more time after quitting my job ,but unexpectedly I have a lot to do for some reason.

I need to find someone to take over my furniture ,need to sort out my life insurance etc..

(If I abandon my furniture ,it costs 30,000~50,000 JPY in total.)

I was meant to write 3 more articles but better give it up for today.

For my previous post,

I got message like this below

Submitted on 2011/12/02 at 7:10 pm
Eight million children in Kiev? Wikipedia says Kiev has a total of less than 3 million people (less than 4 for the metropolitan area).

Also, I’m not at all sure that “All we could do is to pray for the fuel not to touch the underground water vein.” Wouldn’t it still be possible to dig a tunnel, metro style, to prevent that from happening? If possible, it should be done, whatever the cost.

Submitted on 2011/12/03 at 2:42 am
You refused my comment? May I ask why?

This person doesn’t seem to understand why I refused it. It’s because he/she is not ready to kill himself/herself to settle it down.
If not,don’t tell anything to send anyone to death.
If you think someone must die to settle it down,you kill yourself.

I have been telling JP gov must give it up ,buy a part of Australia with all the rest of money ,and let Japanese move to there. Open Japanese island to UN and let the armies build the fort to prevent contamination from spreading any further.
Obviously Tepco is not capable to do it. Japanese government is still dreaming a dream to export “safe” nuclear plants to overseas.

I think they will notice it. but it would be too late.

I don’t want anyone to die because of Fukushima.

“it should be done, whatever the cost.” > You can say that because you don’t know the pain of others.

I think “Dael” is just an immature type of person. Maybe he/she thinks saying something opposite to the majority sounds cool or smart something.

However ,the actual problem is not these ones.

On my communication with one of my sources,the person told me ,maybe our emails are being read by someone.

This is so creepy ,but maybe that’s true. I can’t understand why I have to be punished to tell the truth.

I want to tell you west coast and Canadian. Why are you quiet ? Did you give up living ? Why ?
You have let the fall-out forecast concealed.

Please ! Don’t let your kids die ! Wake up !

I know I ‘m too powerless ,but Fukushima is not only the problem of Japan. It’s the problem of pacific ocean.
The sooner the better.
I’ll try. so you do try to wake up your surroundings too ,please.

  1. Are there any recent radiation maps for the United States? I can only find stuff from April-June.

  2. Please don’t refuse comments because you don’t agree with them mochizuki san. That makes you exactly the same as TEPCO.

    I used to be pro-nuclear and one of the reasons was because greenpeace and all the other anti- organisations are so closed minded and selective with the truth that they are impossible to trust. If they were open with all of the truth I would have trusted them more.

    1. A lot of the pro-nuclear comments are not neutral. They are often written by people who are employed by the industry and who have no interest at all in being informed or having a genuine debate.

      There are a lot of places on the web where you can find pro- and anti-nuke debates, but very few which are categorically anti-nuke.

      It is very silly to compare Mochizuki-san, whose life is threatened by the nuclear disaster, and who is only one individual without much money or any government support, to the huge obscurantist company TEPCO, which employs thousands of people and enjoys great government support.

      I cannot express enough how inappropriate this is. Maybe you should reflect upon the difference between a person and a corporation.

  3. I have a friend who’s a commercial salmon fisherman out of Kodiak Alaska. Every year in September he ships me overnight 22 kilograms of frozen red salmon, which I enjoy through the fall, winter and spring. Then this spring I saw the projected path of the Fukushima fallout and much of it was expected to head in his direction. Needless to say, I did not want any Alaska salmon this year and don’t expect I’ll want any ever again.

  4. Hehe. Mr. Mochizuki

    “Why are we so quiet ?” you may ask.
    So let me tell ya, because most Canadians are peaceful people who knew our
    system is (OWNED) by the same cabal that are playing their stupid game all
    around the world. And we are like you who can do nothing about it but for
    them to playout the stupid (END) game. You know the WWIII game with
    Middle East, India, China, and maybe Russia too.

    You know the same cabal, knowingly japan, don’t need nuclear power plants
    but were still forced to build them in the earthquake zone anyway.
    Maybe that was the plan, to kill off lots of Japanese and Chinese population
    in one stone.
    Hehe, you never know.

    No, we are not giving up living but trying to live as close as possible to the
    nature. Now, there are a lot of I.T. people in B.C. They just aren’t the type,
    like de U.S. people, to big mouth all over the place.

    You may know already know that B.C. has (NO) nuclear power plant.
    It’s not too hard to find jobs in B.C. but really hard to find high pay ones.
    To get that you have to be in the gangs hehe, just like japan hahaha.

    Yes. We know the jetstream sends them over from japan, but our cabal
    Blackouts everything just like yours.

    Now, I had just followed your site from last week, Grats you did a good job.
    Also, I had noticed that you plan to get out of de place (Japan), if you are
    coming over our way. I can give you a helping hand. I have something that may
    be useful to you.

    Hehe you may find me joking a lot but… I come in peace 0.o

  5. I’m in Italy right now, I ran away to take away my son from Japan (I’m italian). but my heart and my mind are always in Japan, every minute of my life. You are courageous and honest and the world needs people like you. I believe that I will do something to spread the news in Italy. almost no one here knows what is happening in Japan. I have very little time but I must do something.
    again thanks

  6. People are quiet because they’re too busy with their daily lives, and there are a lot of serious world issues right now. The average person’s attention span is severely limited. If I ever talk to anyone about world issues, everyone says the same things:
    a) It doesn’t affect us
    b) I’m sure they’ll be fine
    c) Worry about yourself first
    d) Don’t worry about things you can’t change
    e) It’s not for you to worry about
    f) I don’t want to hear about it
    g) The tv didn’t say anything about that
    h) *no response*

    Blah, blah. Of course, nobody understands the dangers of nuclear meltdown, either. Everyone underestimates radiation because they can’t see it and the effects aren’t immediate. I first learned of the the effects of fallout from browsing this site, many years ago. If you haven’t seen it already, I recommend checking it out:

    Apparently, a lot of people (and experts, as usual) accused that site of being fake. For me, what matters is that it may be, and likely is true. I honestly don’t know how much of this blog is true and accurate. All I know is that Chernobyl actually happened, and Japan is heading in the same direction. Everyone assumes nuclear power is safe because of its PAST record, so it’s only a matter of time before another accident occurs. It’s really quite sad.

    Don’t forget that never in the history of humankind, nor this planet, has such technology existed. Much of the technology around us today did not even exist a hundred years ago. We are still treading on new territory. In my opinion, humans have too many flaws and aren’t ready to wield such technology. The way people throw technology about for the purpose of war and personal profit is definitely going to blow up in our faces.

    1. Sigh. Thanks for your well written post. I agree completely with you. I fled Japan back in March and have been talking to people in the country where I am now (friends, family, etc) about Fukushima and the dangers of fallout and also food contamination to the people of Japan and here.
      Half the people laugh at my comments and the other half simply say it is a non-issue and they do not want to hear it. I am flabbergasted at the ignorance of humanity. Even my own brother who is a member of a special hazardous materials team doesn’t want to hear about it from me and thinks any talk of it is simply crazy talk. How naive we all are.

    2. Mochizuki, Thank you for this website. I hope you will find a relative peace in life at some point.

      Enjoyed the link you provided of the person riding their motorcycle through Chernobyl area.

      Her statement shows that nuclear disasters are the great equalizer. Wealth will not protect you from radiation unless you use that wealth to escape.

      “At Soviet time, if someone wanted to build a house, they had to keep [certain] standards. Only well-established people, with connections could build bigger houses. The communist party for 70 years tried to make people equal and they didn’t succeed, some houses are still bigger than the others. Chernobyl equalized all in one day and now houses of common people stand in one row with houses of those who were the big shots at their time.” –Elena, Ghost Town, A photojournalistic motorcycle ride through the abandoned lands of the Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster of 1986.

  7. You seem to draw a lot of conclusions from a few words.

    I was not thinking about sending people to their deaths. I was thinking that there may be solutions not being implemented, maybe because of money or because the wrong people are in charge. For example, in the first months, a German company said it had a solution to reduce the amount of radioactive particles spreading from Fukushima through the air. They were apparently not listened to.

    Others are discussing solutions too. For example here (in the comments):

    When I said “whatever the cost”, I meant money, not lives. I should have specified it, however, because “cost” was indeed ambiguous. What I meant was whatever the amount of money needed.

    I won’t try to argue with your personal judgement about me. You are free to believe whatever you want.

    Bye, bye. Good luck with everything.

    1. 5-10 m shield can not stop leakage. I’m a civil engineer.
      In Chernobyl ,a lot of people were forced to dig tunnel to get to under the fuel. and most of them died. If you think it works, get a airplane ticket,and do it by yourself. If not,don’t impose it to anyone.

      1. Surely the more _stuff_ between the corium and the water table the better. I’m guessing the corium’s going to keep moving downwards assimilating anything in its path (kind of like the stink spirit in sen to chihiro no kamikakushi) until it absorbs so much stuff it can’t fission anymore. AFAIK this is what happened in chernobyl.

  8. Dear Mochizuki-san,




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