“Everything is out of control”

Actual Fukushima worker “Mr.Happy” confesses what is in his mind, more honestly than ever.

Happy20790 ハッピー

Today the gas (mainly hydrogen gas) control system at reactor 1 has finally got into the test drive mode. The makers are different from reactor 2, so it took us time to build it for reactor 1.


The next step is to build another gas controlling system for reactor 3, but we need to fix the crane first. Maybe we can’t get it down by the end of this year..
This week we’ve seen so many wild cows (Cows at farms were released after 311 and they live in the wild now.) on route 6, where is for the Fukushima plants. I guess cows are moving to somewhere warm toward winter .. The day before yesterday, a car from Fukushima Daini crashed into a cow and had the car burnt completely.


It’s hard to see black cows at night. I saw group of cows moving today and yesterday. feel like they are moving to south gradually. I wonder what the police does if they reach to the boarder of 20 km area.


Today they were supposed to announce a “big project”, but they didn’t. I asked someone “why”, he said there were some troubles to solve so it’s taking time. They are re-making the plan again.
They say it’s going to start at 12/21/2011.


Self defense force entered Fukushima plants area since yesterday. They came to decontaminate. They are planning to make bases at Naraha, Tomioka, and Namie. I saw numbers of their cars. Self defense force cars remind me of when 311 happened.


Government seems to plan to declare “Step2 is accomplished” on 12/16/2011 but actually nothing changes at the plants.
Government wants to declare the complete of step 2 during this year to pull back the residents to the planned evacuation zone and minimize the alerting area.


However, Naraha and Hirono, where the government lifted the evacuating area, haven’t had more then half of the population come back. Schools are still closed too. Government can’t pull people back to the zone even if they declare the safety.

Fukushima local government declared safety about “rice” but every time they did more radioactive rice was found. They mustn’t declare safety so easily.


Even though they “declare” the cold shut down, no risk of hydrogen explosion, massive decrease of radiation, nobody can actually measure the temperature of dropped nuclear fuel, and hydrogen level is not stable. Radiation is still emit by 60 million Bq/h, sea contamination is ongoing..

続き8:全てにおいて完全にコントロールされてない状況なんだ。 国は原発収束に向けて全力を尽くすって言ってたけど、これが全力なのかなぁ…?東電は1兆円の支援要請したけど、国も金を出すなら東電任せにしないで口も建設的な意見や案も出せばいいのに。

The situation is totally out of control. Government has been stating they were going to make the best to settle it down, but it doesn’t seem to be their “best”. Tepco requested 1 trillion yen of financial support from government. Now that government is a sponsor of Tepco, they should take more lead of them.


Tepco still hasn’t paid their sub-contract companies or makers for the past / current construction cost. Most of the stakeholders will have to withdraw soon. If major earthquake or tsunami hit the plants, it will be the real catastrophe. That is why we need to be in hurry.


The coastal levee is not endurable enough, the pipes of water purifying system will be cluttered everywhere. The buildings may fall apart. Even if they keep the emergency power, it will be nothing if they lose the buildings.

Because the core problem has not been solved, decontamination will be a total waste of energy. We need to think more about how to solve the problems.

    1. They are not spent fuel rods anymore they havent been since the 11rth March!

      They are now a molten mass called Corium, it is impossible to get near a corium with people or robots because the conditions are so hostile (over 2,500 degrees C and radioactivity that you couldnt event get near as you’d be dead before you got anywhere near!

  1. japan was my dream place. Too bad too sad.
    The main objective is to dismantle every single bit of construction there, with remote controlled excavators, and pack all the debris into lead lined containers, and lower them into a salt mine and close it forever.
    pack anything fissible in small chunks and dump it t

  2. 全てにおいて完全にコントロールされてない状況 is NOT

    “The situation is totally out of control”

    It is “the situation is not totally controlled”. More precisely, “In everything, the situation is not really under total control.”

    He is saying things are sort of under control but not completely under control, and there are loose ends all over the place. But that’s very different from saying “the situation is totally out of control’.

    Total misquote.

  3. Is it just me or does it seem likely they will abandon the plant around the end of the year? Their definition of a cold shutdown …consists of 1) the temperatures of the bottoms of the reactor pressure vessels being held down below 100 degrees Celsius, 2) radioactive substances from the reactors being managed and controlled, and 3) stable maintenance of “circular cooling systems” designed to recycle radioactive water from the reactors as coolant.

    As long as water is coming into the basements, the molten metal is cooled? Recent info that no R1 ‘lava’ is close to eating concrete container where there is no way to cool it and possibly R2, R3 to follow or already? The crane removing fuel rods in R3 is broken? so never mind that fuel and gas control. R4 with it’s 1535 fuel rods in sfp was bolstered in July so never mind that fuel control. So, we have cooling by default of fuel leaking out and sea water in, and part gas/fuel control. The circular decontamination system(s) is the ‘cherry’ on top that won’t help all the highly radioactive water leaking out into our favorite trash dump, the Pacific Ocean. No matter, we can’t see underneath the reactors or the big ocean…shhhh.. it’s a secret. Politicians turn science into a game of appearances. I don’t wish them well, any of the corporate politicos who turn technology into tinker toys and mud pies. Global ‘helpers’ will have hell to pay.

  4. Yepp, reality sucks.

    Whats even worse, is the absolut lack of anything usfull done.
    The Gov. and TEPCO have diplayed a bottomless abyss in regard of detatchment from this reality.
    The standard operatio modus, of denile and coverup, in “small” incidents is something we “all” know of and have seen prof of during the decades past.

    This however, is on a different level and scale, Fukushima is beyound anything previous, and whatever scale I initialy hadd have all, without exeptions, been shattered.
    This time the downplaying and lies wil have consequencess beyound previous, the magnitut of polution is beyound scope and imagination. The DNA is under tremendus presure from the range and scale of radiouactive waste.
    A full spectrum posioning.
    The worst imaginable come to existences in Japan and dont forgett USA/Canada.
    Wher the same fallout senarious wil have a hughe impact on virualy anything produced or manufactored in those areas, of corse they are desperatly downplaying and liying, even in those respective countrys.
    Selfimposed dilerium and a idiotic belive in “dispercens”, a “belive” that wil manifest it self soon.
    I am worried and conserned about the Price we all have to pay for this Incompetence and utter idiocy of epic scale in governing a/any catastrofe of any kind.

    A price, if not the issue is completly and truthfully expoced and all the “sceletons” shaken out of the closet.
    (I miss IR and/or UAR heat sig aor what the fu.. they call it all, I havent seen anything and I also know that THEY have them, show us, then we can discous, what to do)

    We are all doomed.
    It just boils down to Time, the reason is still alive and kicking.


    And NEVER forgett the simple constitutional right every citisen have. The Land of Japan belongs to its citisens, without no exeptions, whatsoever, and NOT to any present goverment.
    But before that, its the “old way” things have to be done thru, get out and be angry, demand and force the goverment to react properly, and sue the TEPCO from the face of our Mother Earth.
    Lett there be Nothing left of the Nucklear ind.
    Have no pity on them.
    Look what they have done, they should all be in Jail and never again runn anything.

    Wake up.

    “Democracy must be something more than two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner.
    ― James Bovard, Lost Rights: The Destruction of American Liberty


  5. Hello, I live in the Pacific Northwest of the US and have been freaking out about all of this. I’m urging my family to take this seriously, and begin taking supplements and certain precautions against the radiation. Luckily they started taking me seriously, but I wish they had sooner. I’m starting to calm down a bit, but would definitely prefer to be down in Australia or South America, out of the radiation line of fire. They’re actually entertaining the idea of moving to AU, as most of us are citizens there, and a lot of our family lives there.

    I’ve been thinking about the place cannabis has in all of this, considering that it’s been proven effective in fighting/curing cancer, and according to Rick Simpson, it also works well against radiation.

    Hemp has also been used in the past to clean soil, so that it may safely be used in the future. It leeches toxins out of the soil better than any other plant I believe. There have been studies to show it, but I don’t have the time to find them right now. I don’t know how it works with radioactive particles, but I assume it works quite well.

    I honestly believe cannabis is one of the best possible components to a cost effective and EFFECTIVE solution to Japan’s current nuclear crisis.

    I’m about ready to head to bed, but wanted to send this while I remembered. I don’t have the energy to gather all the links proving/testifying why the cannabis oil is effective, but it shouldn’t be too hard to find. I’ll be back in a couple days with links, but you all should also do your own research on the matter.

    Please, if you are living in Japan and scared for your family and friends, do some research on hemp/cannabis and URGE YOUR GOVERNMENT to legalize it, even if it’s only temporary while there is a risk of radiation exposure. Even if it hasn’t been proven to cure cancer, it’s been proven to alleviate many of the symptoms and greatly benefit those who are suffering. I see it as an infringement upon your basic human rights if they refuse to allow it, considering all the benefits vs the risks, especially in times of desperation.

    I understand the rules are very strict over there regarding this (harmless) plant, but if the Japanese are made aware of it’s benefits I believe common sense will overcome strict regulations, and you can at least add another degree of protection other than carefully choosing foods, wearing masks, and evacuating, etc.

    At the most, the emergency temporary legalization of this wonder plant can save the lives of millions and do wonders for its reputation around the world.

    Read “AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE: Fighting The Damage Caused By Radiation” here: http://phoenixtears.ca/

    Do some research. Inform others, and have them inform others. Demand your government to acknowledge the benefits, especially in times such as these, and temporarily legalize mass production of the plant for use of cleaning soil and making oil to treat radiation effects including cancer.

    You do NOT get high off of hemp oil. It’s similar to taking any prescription drug, where you build up a tolerance, and the high doses can greatly benefit you. I believe it is safe for children, especially when weighing the risks of radiation exposure in children vs the risk of cannabis, which is very mild. Please look into it!!

    I’m praying for those of you over in Japan, as well as my friends and family here on the west coast of the US.

    I’ll be back!

    –Merry John

  6. Hi, please do not approve my last comment. It should be a personal message to the owner of this site to somehow get the message out in a way that will not endanger anyone. I didn’t see an e-mail option or anything, so I posted a comment and was going to post this comment afterwards to have it denied… as in please do not post it!!

    I even fear for my own safety now, because of all the conspiracies out there surrounding this catastrophe, as well as cannabis. I’d rather not have my IP address connected in any way to that message.
    I’ve been using multiple proxies, and I’m using someone elses computer on a neighbor’s internet connection, but I’m still super paranoid of the powers that be tracking me down and getting revenge for talking about the possibility of cannabis being used to treat radiation, which I don’t know for sure has been proven to work.
    I sound crazy now… o_O
    Please don’t kill me NWO! I’ll comply! 😛

    It’s probably too late to be worrying about my IP address being out there, even with proxies and everything. It might just be me getting paranoid because of sleep deprivation…

    Sorry for the craziness. I just wanted to bring up the option of cannabis.

    1. Hey dude, give us some of what your smoking. Lol. But seriously Marijuana is legal in many states in America and I can only imagine that it would help keep your lungs clear as well as the benefits you speak of, marijuana is a fantastic expectorant. Expectorant, proven effective against cancer, sounds like a win to me.

  7. There is no Hydrogen formed now. It is merely residual from the initiary incident in march. This makes tho whole story here superfluous.
    controling the gas athmosfere is part of the decontamination proces, not of a reaction to an unexpected forming of it.

  8. Out of control? No Shitski!

    It was out of control when it was built….all nuke plants leak radiation from day one!

    The only difference now is, IT’S REALLY OUT OF CONTROL because, they can’t hid the truth anymore!

    The disaster that is happening here can only grow worst.
    The more TEPCO lies, the more Japanese die because of it!

  9. This is so devastating, because in the end, any rumor whispered HERE almost without fail comes to be reported later in some other form or fashion as having been fact, so I am very afraid for the people of Japan, and indeed, of the whole world. Action is the ONLY salvation. Waiting is prolonging exposures and without one doubt, generating new cancers moment by moment. Get out now. Right now. If you have to sell all that you own and leave-leave. Please get out of there because anyone within 100 miles of Fuskushima is in extreme danger if this thing goes the way it looks like its going to go. My prayers go with you.

  10. This is yet another sign of what is really happening in Japan:
    Sorry I do not have Japanese language skills to say RUNAWAY in Japanese…

    GAG RULE – Japanese Style:

    Verbal abuse of Gunma University­’s professor “Fukushima farmers are the same as “Aum shinrikyo” ‘s adherents.­” (Aum shinrikyo = A Japanese cult group, which contaminat­ed Tokyo subway with Sarin gas in 1995.)

    12/7/2011 Gunma University served a written warning to Prof Hayakawa Yukio (55), who made radiation map for Fukushima nuclear accident. He tweeted comments to describe Fukushima farmers as “Aum shinrikyo” ‘s adherents.

    According to Gunma University­, the issue is about his tweets,
    – Growing rice in cesium rice field is the same act as spreading Sarin gas.
    – Fukushima farmers are trying to kill me.

    Prof Hayakawa held a press conference on 12/8/2011 to state “In order to inform as many people as possible of radiation risk, I tweeted controvers­ial comments on purpose. Gunma University­’s warning against me is a suicidal behavior for academic freedom.”

    Horikawa Mitsuhiro, Administra­tive Manager of Gunma University says “It’s not an academic achievemen­t. It is not gag. A lot of complaints came to the university­.”

  11. Can anyone give us an Update on the Fukushima Manager’s health; is TEPCO allowing anyone to visit him or is he being hidden away from the Press?


    If TEPCO wants to say everything is “ON-TRACK” on the 15th of December, then the Japanese people need to ask on 12/11 what is taking so them so long, as there is still MASSIVE amounts of radioactive pollution as shown by Prof Hayakawa!

    If everyone says and does nothing then prepare yourselves for being PUSHED back into your contaminated housing which will save TEPCO BIG money but shorten your lives worrying about your health forever!

    Good Luck Japan
    Trust Your Geiger Counters, not TEPCO’s Nuclear Baloney (NB)!

    Much more here:

  12. Mainichi: Reactors No. 1 and 2 have holes up to 50 square meters, analysis says — Biggest hurdle now is filling with water — “Caused by hydrogen explosions­” — Half milllion pounds of highly radioactiv­e fuel inside reactors 1-3
    It is expected to take more than 30 years to decommissi­on crippled reactors
    Workers […] would have to venture into “uncharted territory”
    Filled with hundreds of metric tons of highly radioactiv­e nuclear fuel
    Work would have to be done in a “territory where humans have not stepped into before,” said a senior official of TEPCO
    1,496 fuel rods [???] from the No. 1 to 3 nuclear reactors
    3,108 fuel rods from nuclear fuel pools of the No. 1 to 4 reactors

  13. Researcher­: Indoor air filter just north of Tokyo contaminat­ed with 230 picocuries­/ft² during September — We’re finding radiation increasing in food chain (VIDEO)
    A profession­al video of Marco Kaltofen’s presentati­on to the American Public Health Associatio­n was recently made available to Fairewinds­. Kaltofen states that hot particles are contaminat­ing portions of northern Japan. He also states that auto air filters from Fukushima, that he tested in his Massachuse­tts laboratory­, are so radioactiv­e that they have to be disposed of in a buried radioactiv­e waste disposal site in the US. Additional­ly, he expresses concerns for the mechanics who work on cars in Fukushima Prefecture­.

  14. If it were not for the hydrogen explosion hazard, the reactor cores and the corium could be rendered to or below normal background radiation levels with Browns Gas flame.

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