Expert “Inflation of the volcanic edifice has been observed in Mt. Fuji since 311/ Stocking 300 years of energy”

A specially appointed professor of Musashino Gakuin University, Shimamura warns about the possibility of Mt. Fuji’s eruption.

He states neighboring volcanos erupted within 4 years after the internationally historical 6 cases of the quakes over M9.0 for 100% possibility. He also adds that inflation of the volcanic edifice has been seen in Mt. Fuji since 311.


A new volcanic island keeps growing in the Pacific offshore Tokyo. (cf, New crater appeared on the new volcanic island / Erupting every 10 seconds / Expert “Extremely active” [URL])

He comments this new island is also on Fuji volcanic belt. Its volcanic activity can affect Mt. Fuji as well.

The last eruption of Mt. Fuji was in 1707. The next potential eruption is assumed to have the energy that has been stocked for 300 years.



You read this now because we’ve been surviving until today.


Français :

Expert : “Un gonflement du volcan du Mt Fuji est observé depuis le 11-3 / 300 ans d’énergie accumulée”


Le Pr Shimamura, professeur spécialement nommé de l’université de Musashino Gakuin, prévient d’une possibilité d’éruption du Mt. Fuji.
Il affirme que les volcans voisins sont entrés en éruption dans les 4 années sont entrés en éruption dans les 4 années suivant chacun des 6 cas connus de séismes de magnitude supérieure à 9, avec une probabilité de 100%. Il ajoute également que le gonflement du cône volcanique est constaté depuis le 11-3.

Une nouvelle île volcanique continue de grandir dans le Pacifique au large de Tokyo. (cf. Un nouveau cratère sur la nouvelle île volcanique / éruption toutes les 10 secondes / un expert : “Extrêmement actif”)
Il déclare que cette nouvelle île fait partie du bouclier volcanique du Mt Fuji. Son activité volcanique peut aussi affecter le Mt. Fuji.
La dernière éruption du Mt. Fuji a eu lieu en 1707. La prochaine éruption est supposée avoir l’énergie qui s’y est emmagasinée depuis 300 ans.
Vous pouvez lire ceci parce que nous avons survécu jusqu’à aujourd’hui.

  1. That may also may echo or by echoed by great and horrible events elsewhere on the Ring of Fire. It may be another tsunami Japan deals with first, yet spawned by an earthquake not even on Japan’s shores.

    Over here, just East of the Cascadia subduction zone, there was a great 9 magnitude earthquake just seven years prior to that fateful eruption of Mt. Fuji which produced and “orphan tsunami” shortly afterwards in Japan.

    “This computer-generated image shows the tsunami produced by the great Cascadia earthquake of January 26, 1700, six hours after initiation. The tsunami moved across the Pacific Ocean and produced destructive waves up to several metres high along a 1000-km length of the coast of Honshu in Japan.”

    –> http ://

    “The story doesn’t stop on the Pacific Northwest coast. Across the ocean, in Japan, meticulous government records speak of flooding in several coastal towns on the evening of January 27/28, 1700. In northern Japan, 20 homes were damaged in the town of Miyako by waves up to 10 feet high. Farther south, rice paddies and storehouses were flooded.”

    “Stories passed down for centuries by Native Americans in the region speak of shaking and flooding that came on a winter’s night, consistent with the historical evidence from Japan.”

    –> http ://

    “The very existence of this magnitude 9 earthquake was unknown just twenty years ago.”

    –> http ://

    “The Last Cascadia Great Earthquake and Tsunami; 313 Years and Ticking
    January 24, 2013 by Bill Steele”

    “The Cascadia Subduction Zone has remained locked, loaded, and quiet through all this tumult. It does not even produce the small earthquakes so prevalent in other subduction zones around the world. The Cascadia Subduction Zone behaves differently than all other subduction zones on the planet.”

    –> http ://

    “Cascadia subduction zone earthquakes are remembered in native stories, art, ceremonies, and names.”

    from “Dating the 1700 Cascadia Earthquake: Great Coastal Earthquakes in Native Stories”
    –> http ://

    Reference: “Duff, W. (1955). The Upper Stalo Indians of the Fraser Valley, British Columbia, in Anthropology of British Columbia, Memoir No. 1, Victoria, BC: British Columbia Provincial Museum, 123–126, 9 (Informant age).”

    It certainly would be nice that TEPCO did something amazingly prescient for a change. Would an example of such ultimately involve upgrading their tsunami preparedness no matter where natures horrors are unleashed??

        1. … & sadly, it’s no positive indication that you actually took the time to read anything here, so …
          How long must i suffer your ignorance and dictation instead of conversation?

          1. Actually, there appears proof positive now that you haven’t read it. Caught that. AI, no. Analyse that.

              1. Not that i’m a name-dropper or anything. Thank you, W. Duff, whom i quoted above.

                  1. Nobody said you weren’t Bill Duff II or III, and we have “no need to know”. It does sound a little pretentious to add such suffix to a username. You are not one for pretense.

                    Suffice it to say, I can sincerely thank W. Duff AND B. Duff for the japery above.

                    Remember the Peace Arch. “May these gates never be closed”.
                    https //

                    All the American Flags On the Moon Are Now White.
                    Those Stars and Stripes mean more than most know. Before the Law, there was the Promise.

                    Happy early Independence Day, Mr. Duff (good neighbor)!

    1. Yes, W. Duff was a great reference in that article i quoted above. Thank you for noticing.

  2. Quote of Dr. GoodHeart:

    “50 – 100 Ft Tsunamis Have Happened Historically On Both US Coasts, Will Happen Again! Nuclear Plants Are Vulnerable

    http // ”

    http //

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