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Contaminated water crisis Sea contamination

Tepco “We don’t watch Tokyo bay contamination”

Having the tanks, trenches and the plant buildings leaking, the contaminated water is flowing to the Pacific. However from the spokesman of Tepco, they don’t watch nor evaluate the contamination

Contaminated water crisis

[ALPS stopped] Tepco “A rubber pad for ladder was stuck in the drain of a tank”

Following up this article.. Multiple nuclide removing system ALPS stopped again 22 hours after test operation restarted [URL]   According to Tepco, they found one of the 6 rubber pads


[Column] Donation function’s back on until this Friday

I know I can be slashed whatever I do. but at least I don’t want to look like I’m doing this to make money.   From last month, I decided

Contaminated water crisis

Multiple nuclide removing system ALPS stopped again 22 hours after test operation restarted

Receiving the order of Japanese Prime Minister Abe, Tepco stated they are going to complete treating all the contaminated water by the end of the term of 2014. They commented

Contaminated water crisis

ALPS and frozen ground wall are the last hope for contaminated water problem

On 9/27/2013, Tepco held the contaminated water task force committee in Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.   From the report of Tepco, Tepco is placing the multiple nuclide removing


[Damaged stack] Tepco “looking for” the way to dismantle / cover the stack for high level of radiation

Following up this article.. Tepco “Stack was possibly damaged by reactor1 explosion” [URL]   Tepco announced they are “looking for” the way to dismantle or cover the damaged stack of

Core removing struggle

Tepco “Filling reactors with water to remove fuel is technically difficult, need alternative way”

Tepco and Japanese government have been insisting it is possible to remove the molten nuclear fuel in the reactors filled with water. However on 9/27/2013, Tepco stated it is technically

Contaminated water crisis

Tepco changed the analysis method for Strontium-90

On 9/27/2013, Tepco announced they are going to introduce the new means of Strontium-90 analysis. According to Tepco, they have been applying the gas flow detector to analyze Strontium-90. It

Contaminated water crisis

NRA doesn’t implement 100% inspection for contaminated water tanks

Related to this article.. NRA spokesman “We don’t know what our inspectors actually check about the contaminated water tanks” [URL]   On 9/28/2013, Nuclear Regulation Authority stated they don’t implement


[Column] Because nobody else does it

When you live in the place without a heater, lamp, or hot shower, you appreciate the basic civilization that you didn’t even care before. I finally got the heater and