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Plant hazard

Tepco “Can’t disclose atmosphere contamination data because the crane is malfunctioning”

Following up this article..[Leaned crane] Tepco “A third person possibly touched the joint part intentionally” [URL]   On 9/26/2013, Tepco announced they cannot disclose the data about radioactive material discharged

Contaminated water crisis

Tepco “Molten Nuclear fuel not producing additional Tritium in reactors”

On 9/26/2013, Tepco announced radioactive water Tritium is not additionally produced in the reactors from their analysis. From their sampling of 10. 2012 ~ 5. 2013, Tritium density was the


[Electricity consumption] Utilization rate over 90% only for 11 days from this July to August without nuclear power

According to Tepco, from this July to August, the power utilization rate went over 90% only for 11 days. The nuclear power supply was 0% through the term. The temperature

Environmental contamination

Seawater fence for reactor5&6 cut off / Can’t fix it due to the high waves for the Typhoon

  On 9/25/2013, Fukushima Diary reported the next typhoon was approaching Fukushima nuclear plant area. (cf, [Next typhoon approaching Fukushima] Tepco plans to transfer contaminated water back to reactor buildings

Sea contamination

NRA “Marine lives contamination is not so serious” / “We don’t need to be so nervous yet”

Following up this article.. Japan Meteorological Research Institute “Contaminated seawater reaches the east coast of Australia and Indonesia” [URL]   In the regular press briefing of 9/25/2013, the chairman of

Natural disasters

NRA “Temporary facilities for decommissioning wouldn’t last for the potential Tsunami to come next”

Related to this article..IAEA strongly requested JP Gov to found the international system to evaluate the Pacific contamination [URL]   In the regular press briefing of 9/25/2013, the chairman of