[Column] Donation function’s back on until this Friday

I know I can be slashed whatever I do.

but at least I don’t want to look like I’m doing this to make money.


From last month, I decided to accept donation only for a few days of the end of the month.

I have been removing the donation function since then, but the next end of the month has come again.

As embarrassing as this is to say, I had the donation function back on last night.


The sum of money I received until this moment when I’m writing this was 10 USD.


I’m becoming shy about money more and more.

I even think they should spend the money on safe food for their children or sending the kids to the schools overseas. but unfortunately I can’t live on just oxygen.

so I put the donations functions back in the Saturday night, where the least readers come to Fukushima Diary so nobody would notice it.

but it seems like really nobody noticed it. lol so I’m writing this against my philosophy. (I’ve been facing the screen for 1 hour and a half only to write this.)



I’m going to leave it open until this Friday.


I would be happy if you consider supporting if you find this post.



You can ignore the truth but the truth won’t ignore you.


Français :

[Édito] La fonctionnalité des dons est de retour jusqu’à vendredi


Je sais qu’on peut me dénigrer quoi que je fasse.
mais au moins je ne veux pas avoir l’air de faire ça pour le fric.

J’ai décidé d’accepter les dons sur seulement quelques jours en fin de mois depuis le mois dernier.
J’ai enlevé les fonctionnalités des dons depuis lors et nous voici à la fin du mois suivant.
Aussi embarrassant que ce soit à dire, j’ai remis la fonctionnalité des dons la nuit dernière.

Le total reçu au moment où j’écris ces lignes est de 10 USD.

Je deviens de plus en plus timide sur l’argent.
J’en viens même à me dire qu’ils devraient le dépenser en aliments non contaminés pour leurs enfants ou les envoyer dans des écoles à l’étranger. mais malheureusement je ne peux pas me contenter d’oxygène pour vivre.
Donc j’ai remis les fonctionnalités des dons dans la nuit de samedi, lorsqu’il y a le moins de lecteurs sur le Fukushima Diary pour que ça ne se remarque pas.
mais il semble que personne ne l’ait effectivement remarqué. lol. donc j’écris ceci en contradiction avec ma philosophie. (Je suis resté devant cet écran pendant 1 heure et demie juste pour écrire ceci.)

Je vais les laisser en place jusqu’à vendredi.

Je serais heureux que vous envisagiez de soutenir si vous voyez cet article.

Vous pouvez ignorer la vérité mais la vérité ne vous ignorera pas.

  1. I’m broke… but I will see what I can do. would it be all right if I shared your plight with my fb contacts? I do not wish to shame you in any way so I will not share this without your permission, however, I have quite a few political bloggers in my fb contacts that might be willing to help. My prayers are with you. -greg-

  2. Hello Lori, ‘Glad to see the donation function is up. You should really consider leaving it up longer than to just Friday as it gives people time to fold-in their contribution with their cash flows (planned and unplanned). You should allow your many users of this site this method to support your important work. Pro-Nuclear “shills” get their support for “research” or publc policy from the nuclear industry, either directly or indirectly. Making a donation to Fukushima Diary is one small but potentially effective way of countering that industry’s corrupt and distructive practices (including censorship). Stay well. I’m happy to help.

    1. Cherie, You are absolutely correct that the Nuke shills, which include some that have professional background, are more than willing to lie for money. There are very few sites to use the truth against them and Iori has continued from the beginning to provide the facts. We know that he needs funding to continue his journal. There are those who are making him uncomfortable about asking for donations in an attempt to stop the funding; they need to be ignored. The Truth needs to be acknowledged.

  3. Sad, but not surprising, that those threatened by the exposure of morally bankrupt nuke-masters and their minions (e.g., nuclear industry pundits, and the vast supporting cast of bankers, lawyers, policy makers, media mouthpieces, etc.) will try to undermine or otherwise attack truth-tellers. It is clear that Lori has reluctantly taken a public stance and action through Fukushima Diary, compelled by the lack of accurate information concerning the very dire situation facing Japanese and the entire human race. His detractors know Lori is humble, so than rather attack the accuracy of his reports (which are rock solid), they attack the person where he is most vulnerable, attempting to raise doubts regarding personal motivations and pride. How brilliantly devious of them! Don’t just skew public perception and opinion, but do further damage by raising self-doubt, thereby disempowering/neutralizing the opposition at the most personal level. (Remember, they have nearly unlimited resources to perfect their marketing/public information/psychological warfare tactics.) It is clear that Lori has sacrificed a great deal to shine a light upon the ever-escalating human and ecological disaster at Fukushima—thereby raising doubts on the 400+ other nuclear disasters waiting to happen elsewhere around the world. His detractors must think, “What a dangerous influence! He must be stopped!” He has apparently left his homeland, his family, his livelihood, and any obvious, predictable or secure future in order to bring this information to the world. To a person of deep integrity and authenticity, it is a question of living (perpetuating) a lie (with more socially acceptable constructs, with all related “rewards”) vs. living an authentic, truthful life (against the mainstream, often a life of hardship). All things considered, Lori apparently was compelled to live a life of truth over lies. While Lori’s armchair critics rail soft and hard against the man and manifestation of Fukushima Diary, Lori is situated in a foreign land and ponders what is really essential to support humanity and the world as we know it, and, more immediately, and how to mitigate the displacement of an entire nation in the pending crisis (person-by-person, family-by-family). These are heavy burdens. His own support/existence seems last on the list of needs, if it appears at all. Clean oxygen is no longer assured, but alone, it is still not enough to sustain a warrior—our warrior—given the battles ahead. Whatever our circumstance, it is likely that visitors to this site face less hardship than Lori does on a daily basis. We need to support the important work that Lori does on our behalf, as we work, live and breathe (carefree for a little while longer) from the comfort of our homes or businesses. Lori is our warrior, thrust into this role reluctantly, faithfully, but not indefinitely. We need to support his efforts now and through the dark days ahead. Truth is oxygen, life-supporting against all odds.

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